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About us

We are a small elite team with a passion for delivering a variety of creatively focused, fun-filled and interactive workshops for primary schools. We’re an organisation that works with businesses, schools, colleges and universities to give young people a taste of the opportunities that exist within commercial creative, design and digital industries. We work with young people from the age of four up to 24 and the projects we introduce change every year to reflect the rate of change in the commercial creative sectors We have a long and proven track record and we’re dedicated to giving you the very best of experiences with a focus on dependability, quality provision and uniqueness.

How does it work?

All our primary workshops are suitable for any Key Stage. They are also suitable for special education schools and are easily adaptable to suit the children’s abilities. Our workshops are delivered throughout the North East and they can be tailored to fit with almost any theme. The workshops can be tailor-made to suit your individual school requirements.

Our workshops are facilitated by creative mentors with a vast range of creative, design and digital expertise. Their knowledge and professionalism are paramount. This will be evident throughout your workshop.

What TICE workshops can support you with

How do we decide what workshop will work best for our school?

From your point of contact with us, right through to the delivery of your workshop and beyond, we are on hand to offer you guidance and advice. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us, topics you would like us to cover, what creative disciplines you would like to experience, and we will work with you to tailor your workshop. We also have a long list of workshops provided in other schools for you to browse through.

What creative disciplines and topics are on offer?

We have mentors that can facilitate any topic for example; the Victorians, India, biodiversity, horticulture, materials and their properties, and much more, simply just let us know what topic you would like us to introduce or enhance within the school. You can then select what creative disciplines you would like us to use to present the workshop, for example through music, textiles, creative writing, illustration, photography, animation, fashion, software or a mix of a few.

How much is a workshop?

This depends on whether you require a full day or half day workshop or one or two creative areas, however, prices start from as little as £200. Most resources are completely provided by us however, we may ask if you have spare equipment such as extra pairs of scissors or coloured pens, pencils or glue, for example, depending on the numbers involved.

Please complete the Primary Enquiry Form, let us know what topics and creative areas you are interested and we will forward a complete workshop cost list with suggested workshops.

Half day

Choose one creative area and a theme. This is an approximately 2.5 hour session for up to 30 pupils.
  • AM or PM session
  • One Creative Area
  • Choose your theme
  • Up to 30 pupils
  • Any Primary Key Stage

Full Day

Choose one creative area and a theme of your choice. This is a full school day workshop for up to 30 pupils.
  • Full school day
  • One Creative Area
  • Choose your theme
  • Up to 30 pupils
  • Any Primary Key Stage

Dual Workshops

Choose two creative areas and a theme of your choice. This is a full school day workshop for up to 60 pupils (average full year group) split into two groups.
  • Full school day
  • Choose 2 creative areas
  • Choose a theme
  • Up to 60 students
  • Any Primary Key Stage


Do you deliver workshops in our area?
We are situated in the North East of England and travel regularly throughout Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham to Teesside at no extra cost to your school. If you are situated outside of the North East, travel and accommodation costs may be incurred.

Are we required to pay a booking deposit?
No. In most cases, we will invoice the school the after the workshop date and the terms of payment are outlined in the invoice. If you require the invoice any earlier, we can easily accommodate that.

What space do you require?
Depending on the workshop type and the number of children involved. We may need the school hall/gym or use a couple of classrooms. Depending on the creative discipline chosen we may need computers or classrooms with sinks for example. Our team will be happy to work out the logistics with you.

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