Before the Create Stage is fully underway, our mentors visited 133 students from 13 schools* across the North-East region to conduct a series of interviews. Students were expected to sit 1:1 with the mentor, discuss what industry project they would like to do and what they wish to achieve in the final stage of the programme. As always, we were blown away by the enthusiasm and dedication of this year’s bunch!

The interview involved reading through their very own interview pack, including a little Q&A for the students to fill in. One question which we value most is why they want to tackle the Create Stage of the programme. As you can see by the responses below, it left the mentors feeling assured that these students are special…

Students even had the opportunity to showcase some of their own independent projects – one example was one of our Graphics students from Hebburn Comprehensive School turning up with their own project. It was wonderful to see these talented young people express themselves creatively and it was even more exciting for us when we realised how much of this talent can be showcased at the Final Show!

The interviews alone are a great opportunity for young people to experience a real-life scenario which involves maintaining professionalism and proving their capabilities to industry leaders – it is something which all of us will face at various points in our careers, whether that’d be in the creative industries or not. Despite students feeling out of their comfort zone they managed to approach this stage of the programme in a mature manner, being fully organised and prepared in advance. It emphasised just how much this experience means to the students.

In reflection of these interviews over the past couple of weeks, a sense of eagerness and anticipation has lingered amongst the TICE mentors and most certainly with our students too. Congratulations to all students who have passed the interview – we can’t wait to see you on the Create Stage. Good luck!


*Burnside Business & Enterprise College, Norham High School, Churchill Community College, Berwick Academy, John Spence High School, St Josephs Catholic Academy, Jarrow School, Longbenton High School, Boldon School, Whitley Bay High School, George Stephenson High School, Mortimer Community College, Hebburn School.