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    Not cancelled, only TICE-olated!

    Hello Everyone,

    First and foremost we hope you are safe and well. These are certainly strange times but things will get back to normal at some point and all we can do for now is pull together and make the best of this situation. We have had a lot of questions coming our way and we thought we would put a short video together explaining everything we can at this moment in time. Here’s also some answers for you to:

    Are you cancelling the TICE Programme for 2020?

    No! definitely not. We are postponing the physical workshops of the TICE Programme whilst this global crisis goes on. Obviously, we can’t take you to venues or on visits during this time so we are having to postpone this part. But they will be back when everything goes back to normal. We can’t tell you when but as soon as we know, you will know.

    Are you cancelling the TICE Final Show 2020?

    Again, we are not cancelling it, only postponing it. We don’t know at the minute if we will back in schools in June or back in September. Only time will tell. But we will rearrange the Create Stage and the TICE Final Show as soon as we can.

    What are you doing while everything is postponed?

    We are putting everything and more online! There’s so much interesting website content we can create for our TICE students online while we wait to go back to normal. This could be interviews for you to watch with employers in Fashion, Music, Photography, Writing, Animation, Illustration and Graphics. This could be fun challenges set by creative professionals, exploring new websites and more. This is things you can still add to your CV and talk about to employers or colleges or universities in the future telling them what you did while you were going through Covid-19. What’s better than using your time productively!?!

    I am a TICE student right now, what should I be doing?

    If you are a TICE student all you need to do is complete your Explore Award. Please check your emails as your instructions are in there. Remember to check your spam/junk mail folders in case it’s gone in there. If you have not got the email just contact us on and we will send it again.

    What will happen after I have completed by Explore Award?

    We are working very hard behind the scenes to create your ‘online workshops’, we will send you an email on how to access them as soon as they have been completed. Please just bear with us as this situation has come out of the blue for us just as much as it has for you. As soon as you have the webpages you can have a go at everything we’ve been able to provide.

    Why are you doing this?

    Because we simply want to support you and you signed up for our programme and therefore we want to help you. While we wait for everything go back to normal this may be something to concentrate on, stop you from being bored and give you some inspiration when you really need it before returning back to school. If there’s anything you want to know about the creative, design and digital sectors, just ask and we’ll do what we can to support you.

    In the meantime, take care everyone, we will be in touch.
    All the best,
    The TICE Team