Northumbria University Photography Studios #Skills


Studio Skills

On their second Silver Stage day, All TICE photography students are given the opportunity to work in a professional studio for the day.  Through the outreach and widening participation teams plus the individual schools, TICE is lucky enough to be supported by Northumbria University enabling the students to use world class facilities in many of the creative departments. These are really top class and really give the students an idea of the working, studio photographer.

Studio Skills2

Katie Lee, TICE Photography Mentor wanted to push the students out of their comfort zone, everyone had to be the photographer and everyone had to model.  Most of them hate this idea to start of with, but by the end of the day they’ve had so much fun and really grown in confidence. She also shows all the photos that have been taken so nobody escapes!

The day gives the students an insight into a different side of the photography business and allows them to use professional equipment and continue to develop their skills.  But along the way they have a lot of fun and Katie really sees them grow in confidence, not only personally but also in their photography skills.

Well done everyone on a fantastic silver stage!

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