Norham High School welcomes TICE Graphics!


This year’s final graphics bronze stage workshop was at Norham High School on the 19th November. As all Bronze stages start with an introduction to TICE today was no different.

The students learned about the industry, opportunities after school and the background of Mark, the very talented graphics mentor. The morning flew by and before we knew it the students were onto designing and researching for their main task. Many students decided to work individually to produce their works of art. They came up with some great ideas and really thought about composition and came up with some more daring colour schemes. Some of the groups thought about the designs as part of a collection rather than just a one off design.


Leading them to begin producing designs for all ages and genders within the Christmas
converse theme. Throughout the day the students continued to look back at their research about the brand Converse as well as referring to imagery to inform their drawings. The students that worked in groups really played well with each others strengths when choosing who would work on what element of the design.


Once they had all produced initial design ideas they then had to present their designs to a panel of mark and some of their teachers. They were given feedback and the final poster sheet where they had to recreate the shoe taking into account the feedback they received as well as considering how to advertise the shoe on the rest of the poster.

Norham1Everyone did an awesome job and the designs were very colourful and festive. The designs ranged from typical Christmas imagery such as Santa, reindeer and snowmen to things a bit more out there like a Christmas jumper inspired design and gingerbread houses. They were really bold with their colour choices with a lot of them choosing to go more bright and exciting and a little less festive but making up for it with the Christmas motifs. At the end of a successful day all that was left was the graphics group photograph. Well Done Norham!!