NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week


NFW 2013NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week took place from 11th-18th May 2013 organising catwalks, welcoming celebrities, shopping promotions and much more throughout Newcastle’s city centre. This year TICE jumped on board and created a one day FREE workshop for schools throughout the region. ‘This is Fashion Enterprise’ was based on research, design and production held at Newcastle City Library where we created our own fashion trend magazine… check out the results!

On May 17th, the TICE team joined the array of events for NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week by hosting a ‘fashion education day’ at Newcastle’s City Library. 18 schools from around the region joined us for an incredibly fast paced but fashion filled day working towards their challenge of creating a double page spread for a fashion magazine.


The challenge was, using the fantastic library resources, to look for a historical wearable item which potentially could be considered and re-invented to be introduced into today’s commercial fashion market. The students and the staff from all 18 schools were sent to look in books and magazines (even the given access to the extensive Vogue collection!)where they could uncover fashion items of the past which weren’t made or worn anymore… but why? Could we re-invent these forgotten pieces and make a success of them now? Anyone fancy wearing a Brunetta?


Once they had found an item the re-invention began, mini workshops introduced the groups to magazine layouts and up and coming trends for Spring/Summer 2014. Each group then had to think about their double page spread, use trends to inspire them and start to re-design this item for today’s market.


Oh… it didn’t end there. One of the main objectives of the day was to show young aspiring fashionista’s the range of roles and responsibilities within the fashion industry. So on completion of research, trend analysis, customer profiling and design, the making began. Using only newspaper the production line started and these forgot items were brought to life:

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All in all this was a fun, enjoyable but very informative day which produced some fantastic results, here presents the completed magazine produced by the TICE team and 18 North East schools for NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week 2013!

“I’m delighted that the schools took part in NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week, with TICE’s workshop in Newcastle City Library. It’s fantastic to see such young inspired minds hard at work and produce something so creative”

Sandra Tang
Freelance Digital Marketing Manager and Head of Programming & Events (including NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week).