NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week Fringe Events!


NE1's Newcastle Fashion WeekTICE has designed and organised a huge variety of courses to contribute to NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week. On May 9th we start with a FREE schools workshop called ‘This is Fashion Enterprise‘. Exclusively 20 school places available for North East schools.

In addition to the FREE workshop, TICE has written a further 21 courses for all ages including Social Media for Fashion, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Photography, Fashion Drawing, Fashion Textiles and much more all taking place as Official Fringe Events for NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week at Newcastle City Library throughout the whole week.

BUT there’s even more… yes, we have more! TICE often has courses going on around the region however here’s a pick of the more fashion related concentrating on fashion computer skills, fashion business, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Photography and Fashion Branding short courses… and more!

There’s a huge amount to get involved in… so come get organised and see how you can up skill…fashionably!

PS… If you’re a past or current TICE student or TICE school staff email us on to claim your 20% discount code for all TICE courses!!  

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Here’s some of our photos from last year:

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