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Music Silver Stage: 4th March:

TICE Music Silver Stage kicked off to a fantastic start! Students from Churchill Community College and Mortimer Community College worked together today at Loft Music Studios, focusing on various aspects of the music industry.

Loft1The day began with a few activities, commencing with the name game so that the two schools could be introduced to one another. Followed soon after was the ‘Bird & Egg’ warm up, which really gave the students a morning boost. It was noticeable that they were all ready for the day ahead! Sam (TICE Music Mentor) then gave the music students a tour of Loft Studios HQ, which exposed them to all the components that makes the studio such a success in the North East. It was interesting for the students to be in a professional environment and gain insight on how the building is tailored to create a high quality sound.
Loft2After the tour, Sam gave TICE students an interesting task which would test their knowledge on roles in the music industry. They were given a job title in order to create a character (name, age, where they live etc.) and were expected to present the job to the entire class. It was incredibly useful for the students to engage with more realistic sides to what the music industry can offer, as well the practicality of music which many people are familiar with.

Loft3Before the main challenge was explained, the students were to complete a listening task which would help them further on in the day. They were to listen to a song in its original form and in the form of a cover – they were to identify which one was which, spot the difference between the two and explain what their favourite version was. This was an opportunity for the students to understand exactly how much they knew about the music that surrounds them, which is a rather important attribute to being a musician.

Loft4The primary task for these students was to work in groups in an attempt to cover a well known song in a different style/genre. Throughout the rest of the day, they were all working closely in their groups to create something much like the previous listening task. There were clear signs of struggle in what was expected which was more of a creative catalyst for the students, rather than a restriction. It was impressive to observe each group communicating more effectively as the day progressed and they proved that it wasn’t impossible to complete the task successfully in such a small amount of time. Each group was consistently working outside of their comfort zones and found ways to compromise to a point where every student was satisfied with their final piece.

Loft5The groups performed in front of their peers and the feedback was outstanding. Many were nervous about presenting their work but it was hardly noticeable once they were performing. There was so much talent amongst the group of students from the first Silver Stage and it left us all feeling very excited about their upcoming challenges. Well done Churchill and Mortimer, we look forward to seeing you again!