Music Group Branding & Artwork #TICEgraphics2014


Music BrandingSix Year 10 students from Burnside Business & Enterprise College and Longbenton Community College chose to tackle a Music Group Branding project mentored by Mark Pattinson. The students had only 3 days to complete their project and put forward proposals to TICE music mentor Sam Burt for thoughts and opinion on how they did. Oh and a winner for the in-house competition ran by the music team for the graphics students…

The graphics students who tackled this challenge are Toni Barry, Georgia Elliott, Theo Ho, Eliesha Kinchley, Kyle Mason, James McPeake, Marni Milligan, Daniel Watson, Jordan Miller and Chris Paterson. Even with such a short time frame they managed to learn enough about Adobe Photoshop to produce these amazing results:

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There was also a small competition for these students whereby the music students and music mentor had to pick which project they felt had met the brief best…quite torn actually:

Student Vote Winner – The Walking Zodiac. The rock band felt that this matched their music best – dark tones and the mystery matching the dark heavy guitar based music very well. The band name and logo were original and worked well together to give a solid brand image. The colour scheme and the texture gave the design real depth and made it feel very genuine.

Mentor Vote Winner – British Label. I think both me and Mark veered towards this one. Very classy, strong brand and an iconic image in the union jack lips. The minimalism of it was very brave, but worked superbly. For me the problem was branding the band British ‘Label’, as label refers to a record company and therefore slightly confusing.

Project Sponsors:

BorderscoutSpecial thanks to Sam Burt of Border Scout

3 days… hard at work, a few shots from the Graphics Workshops based at Northumbria University:

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