Music Create Stage – Churchill Community College


What a way to kick off the first day of TICE Music! The passion and dedication that was presented at Churchill Community College was nothing but inspiring.


Here are some of my highlights…
Name game:

The first activity was a way for everyone to introduce themselves individually, simply though calling out their names through musical patterns. It began with the majority of students feeling quite timid but it was already evident that after a few tries, everyone was fully participating.


Presentation and Q&A:
Sam Burt (music mentor) then introduced TICE and himself, primarily expanding on his career in the music industry. His experience and talent left all of the students wanting to know more. Questions were flooding in. The most significant message from this little Q&A was to not be afraid of not knowing who you want to be. Sam stressed that in the music industry, or in any other creative industry, things can seem a little bit blurry when you first start. And it’s okay to feel that way, you just have to keep yourself committed. Getting advice like that from someone with so much success is incredibly encouraging for the students.


Juba and ‘I Don’t Like You’ chant exercise:

Iconic activities in TICE Music which have been around since the very beginning. This catchy exercise is known for making the students feel more comfortable in their surroundings. Of course, it worked. AGAIN. This was the moment where personalities were becoming visible and the creativity began to develop.


Group challenge:

The main challenge was to work in groups and use all available instruments to come up with a chord progression and topline melody. Essentially, the start of a song. There was so much potential shown after this and so many students had shown so many of the important attributes of being a musician. Very promising and very exciting.

Bring on Silver Stage!