Muses & Movements || A Social and Political Change through the Means of Fashion

A project using fashion to drive change.

Fashion activism is the practice of using fashion as a means of awareness or social change. Fashion labels have increasingly begun taking political stances and using their status to instil social change or send positive messages. This includes climate change-themed catwalk shows, water-concerned sustainability pledges, anti-racism empowered casual wear and even fashion footprint calculators.

And it is true, fashion activism starts every day when you open your wardrobe, it is about freedom, expression and being who you want to be…if anything, that is what you stand for, who may inspire you and how you can actively pay tribute to muses and movements.

Mentored By: Jennifer Barrett – Fashion Mentor, Jennine Wilson – Photography Mentor, Katherine Wildman – Founder of Haydn Grey

Project Contributors: Joseph O’Donnell – Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator, Bella Freud, Emma Cassidy – Assistant Model Booker and Social Media Manager at TTM Management

Photography Skills Development Workshop @ Newcastle College

The Brief:

For this project, students explored and researched further into fashion activism – what it is and the influence it has had throughout history. They also heard more about the brand and designer, Bella Freud, whose work is the centre of inspiration for the project. From there, they had to choose their fight, movement, or muse.

Referring to the ‘word jumpers’ in Bella Freud’s latest collection, students were encouraged to create a statement to put on their t-shirts. Once they have designed their piece, they were expected to prepare a photoshoot with guidance from TICE Photography Mentor, Jennine Wilson. They were also tasked with a creative writing piece inspired by Bella’s ‘Happening’ section of the website. With support from Katherine Wildman, they had to make sure their words reflect their images.

Project Results:

Please view the fashion photography and creative writing piece of Rebecca Wilcox’s work from Churchill Community College:

Words and Photography by Rebecca Wilcox


It doesn’t matter to me
What gender you are
If you wear a dress or a bra
Shorts, shirts or trousers
I couldn’t care less
Whatever you fancy to shine and impress.

It doesn’t matter to me,
Where you are from
We’ll still be best friends and go to the prom.
Even if we can’t converse and speak with our voice
You will always be my very first choice.

It doesn’t matter to me
Who you love
Whether it’s girls, boys, both or neither
All that matters is how your heart sings,
When that special person gives you a ring.

It doesn’t matter to me
If you have special needs
Everyone’s different and is able to succeed!
I can support and encourage along the way
Regardless of time, place or day.

We all need to look after each other and care,
Love with our hearts and try to be fair.
Regardless of gender, nationality and so many things,
Being kind and thoughtful should be our favourite thing!

What did Rebecca think of her TICE experience?

Please tell us your chosen project and why you chose this one?

Muses & Movements. I chose this project as I’ve always loved photography and recently I have become more interested in the fashion industry. When I saw this project I instantly asked to sign up as it sounded perfect for me.

What was your favourite part of the project?

“I liked when we got to do the research about fashion in the past and when I got to write my poem.”

What do you feel you have personally achieved in completing this project?

I think I have achieved building up my confidence and enjoying an experience I wouldn’t usually think of doing.

What would you say to any young person thinking about doing a TICE project?

“I would say to ask for help if you need it and always just go ahead, don’t procrastinate too much.”

Thank you and well done, not only to the students but to the teachers and staff at Churchill Community College. A huge thank you to the companies and North Tyneside Learning Trust that have supported and contributed to this project and the TICE team that plugged away at the project week after week.

Rebecca – We hope you have enjoyed this project, we hope in years to come that you can proudly present an industry-written project you did, achieved, and quite frankly smashed. Well done and congratulations from everyone here at TICE.

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