Mobile App & Finance Guidance Workshop #SunnydaleCommunityCollege


Sunnydale EE Workshop

Sunnydale Community College invited TICE introduced by Business Durham to design a workshop for the whole of Year 9 involving finance advice and awareness for teenagers. Together with the help of finance wizards from Moneythink Durham and digital communication giants EE, we set the challenge to 20 teams to design a mobile app for teenagers, designed by teenagers to give advice and guidance to teenagers about the importance of understanding finance. Here’s how it all went…

Sunnydale Community CollegeYear 9, from Sunnydale Community College.

Following a brief introduction to their day to the whole team the students from Sunnydale were split into their teams and began a rotation of workshops. The workshops ranged from ‘Exploring Problems, Finding Solutions’, ‘Designing an App’ delivered by TICE to ‘Understanding Personal Finance’ by Moneythink and also ‘What is already provided- advice and guidance’ by EE.

Financial education is now statutory for all secondary schools ,in particular in Maths and Citizenship , from this coming September. In line with the government’s guidelines we have organised an enterprise day around the costs of mobile phones. TICE, Moneythink and EE ran a series of workshops for all year 9 students on a collapsed timetable day. It was very enjoyable and useful for all students. The feedback was very positive and we would hope to repeat the activity in the future. The delivery was varied and engaging. Even the staff learned something and found it useful! Yvonne Scott, Sunnydale Community College.

EEEE Advice & Guidance delivered by David, Darren and Julie (Engagement & Change) from EE.

Each team of students were given a booklet to completed by the end of the day. The booklet contained tasks and challenges which were facilitated by each company within their 1 hour workshops.

Moneythink DurhamUnderstanding personal finance issues, by Moneythink Durham, Gemma, Luke & Jack.

The final outcome of the day was to complete and submit an ‘Overview Sheet’ which presented and consolidated all the ideas, tasks and challenges given throughout the day. Each team submitted their final outcome and a winner was chosen by all the companies involved. However… the winners are…

TICE App Design WorkshopApp Design by Mark Pattinson, TICE Graphics Mentor.

We had such fantastic submission from all teams but 2 teams actually came up with some very innovate and creative solutions to a finance App design. We simply couldn’t choose between them! So the 2 winning teams were give £20 shopping vouchers each kindly supplied by Business Durham.

Business Durham SunnydaleOne of our winning teams! Sunnydale Community College, Year 9.

Business Durham are delighted to have been associated with this event.  It has been great to see students engaged in developing their own Apps and working out ways to build a business.  The day has been a great success thanks to the dedication of staff at Sunnydale and the hard work of Jennifer Barrett of This is Creative Enterprise, who brought together the team for the day which was generously supported by EE and Durham Universities Moneythink team. Gary Chaplin, Enterprise Development Officer, Business Durham.

All in all, a fantastic day for all involved. The TICE Team would like to thank everyone involved particularly EE, Moneythink Durham and Business Durham for they hard work and preparation, but certainly not forgetting and thanking all the staff (particularly Yvonne) and of course students from Sunnydale Community College for being so welcoming. Many thanks!

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