My name is Megan Savage and I’m the TICE Programme Support and Co-ordinator. I joined the team in the summer of 2015.

I am an ex-TICE student and had previously participated in the music strand of the TICE Programme from 2010-2012. I returned a few years later, working alongside the mentors as part of the work experience team and was warmly welcomed to the team soon after. Now I am in my final year of studying Contemporary and Popular Music at Newcastle University, majoring as a vocalist in performance studies as well as gaining insight into music politics, music enterprise and music education.

I perform as a soloist around the North East region as well as singing in ensembles ranging from jazz bands to orchestras. Currently I work closely in a jazz band called Petite Bouche and work independently with jazz pianist, Ben Richardson. On the side, I have built experience in photography and film-making, particularly for debuting artists/bands in the North East.Megan Savage


At TICE I co-pilot the Music strand with Sam Burt, primarily supporting songwriters and vocalists. My other roles at TICE include managing the work experience team, co-ordinating the TICE social media/website and blogging as well as other BTS roles. I am fully immersed in the online world – fascinated by the growing industry of blogs, vlogs and podcasts.

As someone who has completed the TICE Programme 9 years ago, I can guarantee that my willingness to learn, create and inspire has only increased since being involved. If I wasn’t exposed to the music industry at such a young age, I would have fallen into a very narrow mind set with little to no understanding of my potential to succeed in the creative and digital industries. I realised my potential and I decided what I wanted my future to look like. I’m still doing that now and it’s exciting to have complete control of that vision. At TICE, we are allowing young people to do exactly that – decide their own future. I couldn’t be more thrilled to part-take in encouraging that ideology.