Mark Pattinson – TICE Branding Interview: by Megan Savage

I recently had a chat with our very own Mark Pattinson (graphics mentor) about the fantastic new TICE logo that he designed. It has been a long time coming and he’s thrilled to finally witness and be a part of the beginning of a new branding scheme for TICE.

New Branding

What was the inspiration behind the work you created?

I always do research before I start anything and I was particularly looking at similar organisations but to be honest none of them came close to what TICE offers. I ended up treating it like an open canvas meaning that, within reason, anything can go. So rather trying to blend in and saying “they are doing this so we’ll do it”, the aim was to set the benchmark that others will want to take inspiration from. I was mainly researching logos that were bright and caught my eye because that’s primarily what I wanted TICE to achieve. After that I knew what I wanted from the logo.

How do you think the design fits with the concept of TICE?

I did quick sketches, getting a rough idea about the direction that we were going in. I was working on shape-form first rather than colour, focusing on the word ‘TICE’ followed by the descriptor underneath, ‘This is Creative Enterprise’. Due to TICE being a creative programme that we run, I didn’t want it to look too serious so that’s why I brought in the script type face – to loosen it up and give it more of a fun element but of course still keeping it stylish! Looking at colour palettes is the fun part though. I wanted to transfer some of the colours from the old logo across to the new logo. I didn’t want to make it look completely different to what people are used to seeing, I just was desperately wanting to give it a refresh. So in a way the colours were a saving grace as it was still identifiable to the concept of TICE. I also did visuals such as making sure that the legibility was there, that it was easy to write, ensuring that it’s bright, colourful, contemporary and very fashionable which is where we need to be.

Why did you feel like now was the right time to change the TICE design?

I’ve been wanting to do this for like a year! Maybe even longer actually. But work demands have just stopped me in the process because this would never be a two-minute job, it takes weeks and weeks to craft. The old logo was influenced from one of my ex-TICE students designed and at the time it looked fantastic. But as time goes on and TICE progresses, which it certainly has more recently, the logo wasn’t selling the brand anymore. We just had to move on and refresh. Where TICE was 4 years ago compared to now is massive, we’ve come so far already, so it was time to move the logo along with it as well.

I’ve been part of the TICE Team since the very beginning alongside Jen so I have been dying to know where we were going to end up in the next 3-5 years. Therefore, it wasn’t just about designing a logo that will look good now, it was about designing a brand that is still going to look great in years to come. I’ve been enjoying TICE every single year. I’ve been loving the programme and workshops more and more. We are working on so many fantastic projects. I think it all just got me inspired again and that’s mainly what pushed me to say “right, let’s do this!”.

What are the main components to making a great logo like you have done for TICE?

I wanted to make the logo stand out and that’s something that you always want to do. You don’t just want to gain attention from the teachers or professionals but you also want to engage with students. So the demographics for the brand logo was anywhere from 10 right all the way up to 65, you know? It HAS to work across all ages. Most importantly as well, is to make TICE students feel like they are a part of something. I’ve had students say that to me over the years – they don’t want the experience to end and once it does, they want to come back the following year because they felt so proud to be a part of TICE.

Apart from the new logo, what ways have you been wanting to take the TICE branding forward?

I hope that in terms of moving the brand forward, we are able to do that in the best way possible. It may even be things like t-shirts. I’ll never forget the time when the apple store opened at the Metro-Centre and all I wanted was one of the apple t-shirts! So I think we want to get that feel from students where they want that t-shirt and they want to be proud. There are so many ways in which we can move forward and I look forward to see our plans for TICE branding in the near future.