Make the ordinary extraordinary… next stop


WoodhornOn the 11th February it was the second round of visits for our TICE Photography group. This time, an amazing and inspiring day at Woodhorn Museum with Churchill Community College.  Photography mentor Katie Lee, wanted to give the students a completely different experience and encourage them to start to see the ordinary world in an extraordinary way.

Woodhorn has an amazing exhibition of paintings by the Pitman Painters.  These were ordinary Woodhornmen who worked down the mines in Ashington.  Unlike everyone today they didn’t have phones and cameras to record their experience and so painted their work, life and homes in these amazing paintings.  The students were introduced to the paintings and encouraged to deconstruct the images and think about their composition and content.

The students were then given the opportunity to go out around the site and using cameras or phones, document the area and try to make the ordinary extraordinary.

Photography is all about documenting the life around us in an instant and I’m hoping after today the students will have a completely different view and perspective of the world around them.  Anyone can take a photograph, but today was all about taking photography to the next level and showing the world around us with amazing photography and imagery.

Well done Churchill, you took some amazing photographs by Katie Lee.

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