Laurel Outterside (2011-2012)


My name is Laurel Outterside, I am an eighteen year old student who has just left Longbenton Community College Sixth Form and I am currently in the midst of beginning a three year degree in Fashion Communication at Northumbria University.

What encouraged you to take part in TICE? What creative area did you choose and why?

When the opportunity arose to take part in TICE, I knew it was something I had to be involved in, as I’ve always been interested in the creative industries. I chose to take part in photography, having never tried it before, as I believed it to be a skill that could be used in a variety of situations, whether as a hobby or within a job role. I consider myself a creative person, and I’ve always been attracted to strong visuals, so I really wanted to see how these could be created.

Can you describe 3 things that stood out for you in terms of opportunities, mentors etc. during your TICE experience back in 2011-12?

One aspect of TICE which really appealed to me was the opportunity to choose an area of specialism with the chosen subject, for example I chose to explore fashion photography, which is still today one of my main interests. Another exciting aspect of TICE was being able to work with live briefs and industry professionals, as this gave a real insight into the industry and what goes on behind the scenes. Working with the enthusiastic mentors also made the experience enjoyable and helped to improve my skills due to their insights and feedback.

  1. How do you feel TICE has impacted you on a personal level, particularly involving confidence levels and other qualities that are important to have when working in creative industry?

I feel that TICE has helped to build upon my team working skills, as there was a lot of group work which required each member contributing personal attributes to create a strong team. I also found that because we were able to make our pieces personal, and did not have to follow strict rules, I have become more confident in my own style and work, acknowledging that you do not have to follow the crowd.

  1. How do you feel TICE has influenced your career choice?

I feel that TICE had hugely influenced my career choice, my experience with working with models, stylists and digital imagery, solidified my desire to be involved in the fashion industry, specifically communication and promotion, as before taking part in TICE I did not realise such areas existed, and as a result, I became able to see past the words draw and design when hearing ‘fashion’.

  1. Your school is one of a few in your region to enable young people to access the TICE experience, how has their decision to work with TICE supported your career decisions?

I am so glad that my school decided to work with TICE, as I would have never been able to have had such an experience within a normal academic year, and I feel it’s so valuable for students who don’t necessarily want to follow an academic subject, as it shows them some of the options they could explore!