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Ladders || The Final Farewell Pt. 3

Stage 3 – Develop Your Own Project

Notes by Wayne Potts.

This course would greatly suit those requiring support and guidance to work on and potentially complete a project. Whether the individual is just starting out or already has a little experience in the industry, this 4-week programme is designed to bring ideas to life.

On the 3rd April, students from all creative disciplines gathered to showcase their final projects at Newcastle City Library – the place we have always come back to for our creative sessions. It was a wonderful place to tie together all of the achievements regarding Ladders over the past few years, considering it was the exact same room where we started the courses in 2016.

We always love this part – a time where students reflect and proudly share their projects, whether fully complete or halfway through production. Of course, this year was a particularly emotional one but equally special in many ways. Here are some highlights…


For Film/TV, we had short films, animations and artistic commentary. The whole lot!

Karl’s project, ‘Aklo’, was a short film inspired by one of his all-time idols, David Lynch. It was in the horror genre and had an intent to make the audience feel uncomfortable. There was an eery silence in the room all the way through which indicates success!

Meanwhile, Jack’s idea was based on real footage he took himself whilst on holiday and was more focused on the poetic side of film. He used stuff from his own writing and added melody and stuff onto them to make them into a 5-minute long short film.

Tom was all about the tea! But seriously, it was a short, punchy comedy sketch about a runner on a film set trying to make his way up the ranks…and he talked a lot about tea! With 1 main character and 1 main location, he enjoyed the simplicity of the process. Inevitably, the minimalism of the film made it all seem more relatable to the audience.


AJ, a student at Sage Gateshead/Sunderland University was another musical talent in the room who showcased her song which was in the middle of production.

Nadeem Shakir, a student at Gosforth Academy, was one of the talented musicians who stopped by to showcase their piece. The song was called ‘Mika’ – all about a quirky girl he knew from school:

‘Well there was this girl in my year called Mika who’s so funny and nice, had a quirky style and was one of those characters that just sticks out. With that in itself, I was always confused about whether I had feelings for her or not. I remember writing it, and it was after my Grandad’s birthday party at my house. Sat down at the piano and started playing some chords and just kept asking myself where the chord will go next, and that’s how I tend to write my music. Like joining dots.’

Although unfinished and still in need of a polish, the song still managed to pull on a lot of people’s heartstrings. Not to be biased, but this is our new favourite love ballad of 2019!

Louis was another student, from Prudhoe Community College, who discussed his growing passion for movie trailer music since exploring it more with Sam in the project development sessions. Within hours worth of studio time, Louis was able to compose a very beautiful and powerful piece of music, perfect for any blockbuster trailer.


Catarina Cesar made a mock-up of a program to use for a mixed media film project she is undertaking – she was unable to make the final show due to work commitments but hopes to find funding for the film and release it online.

Tom Davison recreated a popular game in PyGame (a python framework). The project is almost completed and was on display at the back for people to have a go at playing. Tom also spoke about some of the challenges he faced during the development.

Meanwhile, Ruth created a simple text adventure which worked in a browser. The game had RPG (Role Playing Game) elements and a combat mechanic. The game was finished to the point that one could ‘win’ or ‘lose’ but she hopes to expand the available world in the near future. The game was created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Soon after the end of the showcase, the Ladders team in it’s entirely gathered around to network and reflect. It’s truly incredible to have seen so many talented people in one room – all of whom will undoubtedly have bright futures ahead of them. From all of us at TICE, we want to thank all venues, speakers, collaborators and young people over the past 3 years who have made this programme so exciting, insightful and inspiring. It has been an unforgettable experience for us all and we can’t wait to see these young people flourish in the years to come.

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