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Ladders Pt. 3 || The Final Projects

On December 19th, based in the Armstrong Building at Newcastle University, students from this year’s cohort gathered together from their creative fields to showcase the final projects that they have been working towards over the previous few weeks.

Sam Burt, Music mentor at TICE, kicked off the evening For Music, a varied line-up of solo artists and bands have signed up to work on recording an original single or a cover to enhance their digital footprint. North East band, Sauvage, stopped by the Final Showcase to discuss their own journey to recording their single. With only 10 hours of recording, they focused intensely on getting their track clean and ready to share on their online platform.

They spent their time at Blank Studios and with the help of Sam and the team at Blank, they had not only recorded their song to an impressive quality but had received a lot of constructive criticism along the way. Two of the four, Rob and James stopped by to chat more about their experience. Normally for a local band, that kind of professional input doesn’t exist so they found it useful to have someone like Sam help to condense and shape the track to be something much more special than what it was before.

Not only was there musical support but Sauvage benefitted greatly from the industry and business tips to make themselves more consistent and proactive. They believed they had the skills and talent but didn’t necessarily know what to do with that. It was the help of Sam’s industry knowledge and Lee’s Enterprise Support sessions that gave them a greater understanding of how to make themselves heard. Overall, a very successful result the guys at Sauvage. Check out their music here.

Animation mentor, Chloe Rodham, introduced the Film/TV sector and chatted briefly about what made this cohort so special. She spoke proudly of the people she had the opportunity to work with over those few months and brought along Andrew McCubbin as an example.

Andrew had years of experience in the creative industries, firstly in Music but had then explored the world of Animation. By comparing his previous YouTube Channel videos to his most recent project with Ladders, he wanted to showcase the very clear improvement in quality and professionalism – thanks to Chloe’s ‘how-to’ on Adobe After Effects. His characters looked modern, colours were popping and a nice flow to the physical movement of the animations. Not only that, but Andrew’s ability to do comedic voiceovers made his final piece even more brilliant. Check out his work at JackiePTV Productions here.

For the Software Development team, Lewis and Lee arrived to share their journey to creating their own games. Phil Jeffes, Software Development mentor, started off by explaining the process that his students have been on including looking at job specs/CVs, visiting industry venues professionals and building their skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python/PyGame. There was a particular quote that stood out from their sessions – it conveniently applies to all creative sectors:

“There’s no right way to the industry – everyone’s journey is different.”

Over 4 intensive sessions, both participants designed and building their own game. Lewis developed a game called ‘Mongolian Reindeer Farmers’ and was written in Python, using PyGame. It tracks a reindeer farmer as they move their herd between seasons. While still in development the core of the game is there and features a character moving through different locations – because of the complex nature of the game Lewis opted to use a Message Pump mechanism which allows multiple components to communicate effectively. Meanwhile, Lee developed a game called ‘Run Foxy, Run’. Lee designed and built this game from the ground up using C# and Unity. It features a menu and game over screen. It is an object avoidance game.

Soon after, it was wonderful to see the creative sectors merge and mingle over crisps and cakes, admiring each other’s work and discovering ways to collaborate. Some projects were complete and polished whilst others were only a few steps into the process but this didn’t stop the warm and welcoming atmosphere. These young, creative people have left the programme with a sense of accomplishment and optimism in what they were working on which is ultimately what we hope to encourage. Congratulations to everyone involved in the Project Development sessions on Ladders – we hope to see your final projects looking loud and proud on a public domain very soon!

A huge thank you to Newcastle University for hosting.

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