It’s been another exciting week on the Ladders music course as the lads have just started to record their songs with help from mentor Sam Burt – and actually, with a little help from everyone else on the course!


Last week the group focused on writing a plan for what they wanted to do in the upcoming weeks of producing a final project, and how they were going to achieve that. And this week they have started doing just that! Everyone on the course has had the opportunity to use the space of the study to their full advantage and try using different equipment that most of them have never used before!



They have been using the space at Loft Music Studios based in Newcastle City Centre and everyone in the group has been having a huge amount of fun! In the first session this week one of the lads on the course, Froggy, got the chance to record one of his grime tracks in the studio. He said he was nervous about it being played in front of everyone in the group and also said he’s only ever used his phone to record his work, thus was nervous about how he would sound being in studio format. But he didn’t have anything to worry about – he sounded great! Everyone in the group loved what he is working on and commented enthusiastically on how professional and authentic it sounded. Sam helped with the recording but other people in the group did also – finding what mic would work best with Froggy’s voice and how they would change the pitch and such when editing. Some of the guys really know what they are doing when they are sat behind a desk in a studio, it was certainly intriguing to watch.


The first session was mainly spent with Froggy recording and editing what he had recorded but it gave everyone a taste of what the next few weeks are going to be like. Everyone was really hyped once they started discussing what they aimed to achieve in the studio. It was great to see the group really acting as one as everyone had input and constructive criticisms on their ideas.
The lads are having so much fun on the Ladders course and are really finding their feet in working towards being a part of the music industry.


In the second session they continued to work in Loft studios. They had more time so people could work on what they wished. One person in the group, Paul, has been working on his own EP and he makes his music on a launch pad connected to his laptop (it’s really snazzy) and the music he has been producing sounds incredible! It’s only the first week working in the studio and it seems like the lads are already getting used to being in one. The work that they are producing is of a really high standard and I can see them all working in the music industry doing what they love!


Also, Froggy was finishing off his song that he had written and performed. Although he said it was weird listening to his own voice again I think he really likes how the track is coming along. Another member of the group, Tom, brought in a member of his band to help record the vocals for a song they have been working on. Tom himself sings and also plays the guitar in his band – the song sounded out of this world! Everyone was having fun in the studio and there wasn’t ever a moment when someone had nothing to do. The group are lucky that they have the space in Loft, as it’s a really warm, welcome and open environment to be creative.
Everything that the lads are doing is really great and although it’s the first week in the studio, it’s almost as if their final projects are becoming clear – and I have no doubt that they will all be amazing!


Whilst everyone was recording or helping with recordings in the studio, another of the members in the group, Matt, was working on practising his guitar skills. He was playing away in the main room of Loft whilst Tom’s band member was working on the piano whilst they had a bit of spare time – it was really nice to watch the group becoming a little ensemble and guiding each other through their musical development. Tom’s band member even taught Froggy how to play a bit of Eminem on the piano which was great fun!


Next week the lads will be working in BLAST studios down in the Ouseburn, which will be a great opportunity for the lads to experiment more with what they want to achieve in their final project. They can be reflective and evaluative about their time on the Ladders course, which will certainly be interesting…

By India Kennedy (TICE Blogger)