If you’re like us and enjoy listening to music, the rhythm and the beat then come along to Miners Hall, where they invest in your dreams, no dream is too big!
The Miners Hall was constructed in 1893 and it was once the heart of the Silksworth community. Now it has transformed into the Miners Hall Recording Studio. The Studio is in high demand with getting a number of local and national bands in which include various people such as Barry Hide (The Futureheads). There are a range of people who use the studio from singer/songwriters that are just starting up, to buskers and tribute bands. The studio is a perfect way of getting yourself out there in the world of music and this is where we and other members of the Ladders music group have and will be spending time learning about the industry and exploring our musical talents…very exciting!

Over the last couple of weeks, the group have been working closely with mentor Sam to explore different aspects of the music industry. While in the studios we can get more information about what informs, influences and creates musical magic!


Throughout the first day of the course we learnt about the importance of sound proofing a room, so that the sound resonates throughout the room rather than being a harsh sound. Soundproofing gives it an acoustic treatment sound bounce. It was interesting how just alternating a room can have a major impact on the sound produced.

It was even more fascinating to find out about the differentiation of sound depending on the style of the microphone – one of the best and most popular being the condenser microphone as it contains a small fraction of gold which is an excellent conductor. However, the eye opener of the day was discussing the price range of an analog desk (used for mixing) costs – a standard desk costing £8,000…fair to say it’s best to get saving!
Soon after, the group discussed the varied jobs within the music industry. They talked about distributors which are the main force in getting the album about into the public; the manager who is the driving force for setting goals for the team and are also are responsible for dividing all of the work into manageable activities and choosing which people need to accomplish the tasks; and a roadie who is responsible for looking after and maintaining equipment. It was nice to hear about what other people were interested in and what they would like to do themselves, each one of them already showcasing their individuality and passions.

The primary topic of discussion was realising just how important music can be and how it can physically and mentally influence people all over the world. Sam had talked about how each musical compound/circuit created can generate different sounds and create a connection between oneself and the music, thus bringing it to life.

The next session had more of a focus around this concept; how a song or piece of music is structured, written and made. We looked at different ways of creatively making songs, such as writing down random things you like the sounds of in notepads, forming lyrics around them and turning experiences into songs.

We also did a lot of work on the structure of a song, we looked at the song ‘Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head’ and had to say where the verse, chorus, rhyme structure was and the impact it had. This really helps to give context to what we needed to do to create something ourselves. Sam then showcased some top tips on the widely used programme, Pro Tools computer programme – explaining how a piece you may write can be brought to life through you’re ‘online orchestra’. It’s amazing how bringing together these musical components can create an impressive and exciting outcome.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time at Miners Hall Studio so far. Ultimately it has been informative and beneficial. Speaking as a student on the course myself, I think it’s fantastic and incredibly interesting. Stay tuned for our insight on the Music tours in Newcastle City Centre…