The penultimate week of the Ladder’s programme consisted of workshops designed to help the students prepare their final projects for the showcase the following week.


On Monday, mentor Chloe Rodham used the session to help the students focus their projects and ensure each stage of the planning process was prepared. Beginning with treatments – an important step which includes stages such as ensuring the tone of the piece is set, storyboards are done and a guide script is drafted – Chloe went through the process with the students so that they understood what would be needed if they were completing this project for a professional job.


Providing the students with individual guidance, Chloe worked with one student, Alfie, to help create a logo for the company he plans to create and for which he is making a promotional video for one of the events as part of his final project. After brainstorming ideas for icons which related to the name of the company and the events it plans to run, they set about drawing different set ups for the logo on paper before replicating it on the computer. Using Illustrator software, Chloe used her expertise to show Alfie how to create the different shapes needed and how to reproduce the items he intended to include in his logo. As Alfie said, Chloe “really knows what she is doing” with the software, showing the students are in capable hands.

Seeing how the different aspects of the project are coming together is extremely fascinating and makes the countdown to the showing of them even more exciting!


Day 15:
With just over a week to go until the presentation, the focus of Wednesday’s session was again for the students to work on their final projects. The students each shared their project idea with the rest of the group, highlighting what they still needed to complete and what they planned to work on in this session.

With all of their projects fired up, Chloe once again was able to offer her expertise and knowledge of the different software to help with any issues. With the projects varying from promotional videos for future companies to short stop motion pieces, there was a lot going on, but Chloe was able to assist the students with her advanced skills.

Working one-on-one with the students, Chloe was able to teach them how to animate different sections for their project, fix the scale of different things and how to alter the colours of the imagery, among other things. This allowed the students to carry on their work independently with Chloe on hand to help fix any issues that arose.


With the projects the students are creating being used to promote their own businesses or to be added to their show reel, it was extremely useful to have Chloe’s guidance on how to make them more polished. By demonstrating how to make transitions smoother and providing tips on how to make sure aspects are more focused, the projects were already starting to look more refined and professional.

It was also great to catch up with Alfie and see how his logo was coming on after Chloe helped him start it off in the previous session. Seeing the change in font, style and icon layout really improved the logo and made it ready to animate and to be put into the finished video.

With not long left before the projects need to be submitted ahead of the presentation, it is remarkable how far the students have come and the skills they have learnt and utilised for their work. I cannot wait to see the finished products next week at the showcase, I have no doubt they will all be impressive!

By Olivia Carr (TICE Blogger)