Welcome to the 2nd instalment of Enterprise Support as part of Generator’s programme, Ladders. Our very own business extraordinaire Lee Casey has provided us with free, insightful workshops which cover an array of top tips and tricks to entrepreneurial success.

Week 5 – Hiring, Firing or Simply a Collaboration:

Back at the City Library, expert legal advice came from Stephanie Brown of Muckle LLP, a commercial law firm based in Newcastle. She helped alleviate any concerns about employment contracts, polices and procedures, types of employment status and how to protect you and your business. It can be a topic perhaps more daunting than others when looking at self employment but with Stephanie’s recommendations and explanations, anxieties on all things ‘law’ were dispersed as questions were answered.

Week 6 – Cost & Pricing Strategies:

A special session held at the fabulous Loft Music Studios in Newcastle saw the group gather to hear from Andrew Archer, co- owner of Loft Music, a commercial 2500 sq. recording studio.  Andrew gave a very insightful talk on his pricing strategies. He was open and honest about the challenges faced by working within the creative sector which was very refreshing to hear. He has evolved his business with the intention to meet demands of his clients and ensure he can provide the best service across several platforms within the Loft Music brand.

It was also great to welcome Chloe Rodham, Ladders TV/Film and Animation mentor, who runs her own successful animation business too. Chloe talked about her recent journey into freelance work, how she prices for jobs and how to pitch and price accordingly based on the type of job. Thanks Chloe for helping us out, it was great to have you join this session and your tips were invaluable!

Week 7 – Financially Sound?

Keeping financial records can be the side of self-employment people sometimes put off organising! However, if systems are put in place from the start this process can be both simple and effective.  Julie Relf of Applause Accountancy and passionate about all things finance dropped in to talk about the kind of records you need to keep and how to keep them! As a Chartered Accountant, Julie has worked with businesses of all sizes and at different stages of their business journey so gave some great hints and tips about keeping financial records in check and discussed self-assessment in depth. It isn’t as daunting as it seems and shouldn’t fill a new business owner with dread, as wonderfully showcased by Julie.

Week 8 – Trend Forecasting:

Week 8 introduced Emily Nicholson (Junior Trend Researcher) and Jenna Galley (Marketing & Insight Assistant) from Newcastle’s home and interiors dedicated trend agency, Trend Bible to discuss trend forecasting: researching, analysing and predictions which can inevitably enhance sales growth.

Emily and Jenna began with an influential quote which reflected the concept of trend forecasting:

“The more that you understand about the likely future, the more you can shape it to be as you wish. You might not be able to change the shape of the future itself, but you can adjust your own position to take best advantage of future developments.”

– Ray Hammond Scary/Wonderful

They continued to discuss the importance of forecasting, as Trend Bible tend to find the ‘top picks’ generally two years prior. The audience were provided with examples of what they foreshadowed for 2017, many of the trends slowly beginning to be noticeable in every day life such as health & fitness and tribal cultures. As predicted, the room wasn’t silent for too long when the questions started to flood through. It was incredible to realise just how significant a source such as Trend Bible can be for start-ups and established businesses. Thousands of businesses pay for this insight including Microsoft, ASDA, Boots and Next – it was exciting to hear first-hand about this secret ingredient!

After a long group discussion, Emily and Jenna wanted to apply this information to the budding entrepreneurs in the room. How can this uphold my business? In what ways can I trend forecast on my own?

Week 9 – Selling to the Right Customers, When to Say No:

We were thrilled to be joined with Lysa Morrison (LMA Training & Consultancy) once again. With experience in training, coaching, personal & professional​ development, it was doubtful that the audience were going to be disappointed by her witty and intelligent approach to success. This time, she talked all things pitching and presenting. How do I present myself as an individual and how do I use this effectively in a business or personal environment?

Of course, with technology becoming more and more imperative in business, Lysa was cleverly applying these methods to verbal and online communication. She was highlighting the importance of networking and expressing oneself the best way possible. There was a lot of emphasis on body language and with Lysa’s statistics, it was unbelievable to find out how significant it was. Humans form a first impression in a matter of 7 seconds – 7% of meaning is in spoken word, 33% paralinguistic and 55% in facial expression. This was only the beginning of many mind-blowing statistics.

Lysa offered many other techniques to gain experience in this field including reading business books, getting involved in community support such as ‘Tyneside Speakers Club’, vocal tips, body language advice and much more.

Thank you to our very special guests for stopping by and continuing to inspire future entrepreneurs.

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