Enterprise Support, in conjunction with Generator‘s Ladders programme, are a series of workshops targeted towards 17-24 year olds pursuing a freelance career and/or developing their own business ideas within the creative and digital industries. These free workshops are carefully designed to give thorough insight into a range of topics from generating ideas, marketing, self-assessment to branding, financial planning and networking. Here are some highlights from the last series of workshops, easing folks into the beginning of their journey with special guests, challenges and intelligent discussions throughout.

Week One – Generating & Expanding Your Business Vision:

This first week led by Creative Enterprise mentor, Lee Casey, introduced the series of workshops planned throughout the Enterprise Support package, recapping on the creative courses available on the Ladders Programme. The Ladders programme includes three creative strands available to anyone ages 17-24 in TV/Film & Animation, Music & Software Development.

The UK’s creative industries generate a substantial income to the UK economy, £84.1 billion per year and it continues to grow! This session, to kick start the creative process, introduces the idea of brainstorming to look for an opportunity, fill a gap in the market or potentially fix a problem or situation.

Lysa Morrison of LMA Training and Consultancy is a career coach delivering both personal and professional coaching and joined the session giving an incredible, thought-provoking discussion on why some people succeed and others don’t. What is it about failing or the fear of failing that stops opportunities in their tracks? Without a doubt, Lysa energised and motivated the group to question their ‘Why’. Confused? Well, this lady is full of secret tips and tricks to keep your brain ticking. Participants left this session feeling like they watched an inspiring TED Talk – it lifted spirits, generated resilience and gave a new perspective on what it means to fail and succeed.

Week Two – Funding a Start-Up Business:

A key consideration for any new start up business is how can it be funded, what help is available (if any) and where is that help? This informative session brought together three guest speakers to give an overview of funding streams applicable to young people in the area.

Tracy Richardson, Programme Executive from The Princes Trust talked about the schemes and funding criteria the Princes Trust offers as well as introducing Laura Burlison, owner of her own small business The Paddock and a Trust Young Ambassador. Laura gave an honest and inspiring talk that resonated with the group about the challenges of starting a new business.

Julie Skevington, owner of Sincero Ltd and renowned funding expert added to the discussion about local funding streams applicable to the creative sectors and talked about her own experiences on the Entrepreneurial Spark programme.

Week 3 – Market Research:

When starting a business it is vital to carry out market research into your chosen market sector and help identify your target customer or client.

This session included a very useful tour of the City Library with Aude Charillon showing the group how they could access different information sources from books to Mintel databases, journals to business guides to utilise in their planning and research stages of a business plan or marketing strategy. Pre-published data can be invaluable in learning more about an industry sector and seeing what people have written or created already. Lee Casey followed this up with an introduction to SWOT Analysis and re-iterated the importance of Market Research, an area she intended to re-visit frequently throughout the Enterprise Support sessions.

Week 4  – Business Mentoring:

It’s always a good idea to consider having a mentor when starting a new business, someone who has walked the path you are looking to take. Without realising, these people can offer the advice and support you need to move forward in a realistic and efficient way.

This session at Campus North, a tech hub for new start up and small businesses, saw James Rutherford of Creative Nucleus pop across from his hot-desk space. Not just a successful business owner but a mentor through the Ignite 100 tech accelerator programme too. James gave an engaging talk on his own experiences on starting a business offering practical advice and tips, answering questions and talking about his future opportunities and ideas, including Kickcards. The group certainly left with lots to think about and were appreciative of James giving up his time to share his expertise.

It’s clear to see the building blocks of business being showcased to participants over the first four weeks of Enterprise Support. A huge thank you to our special guests for giving aspiring entrepreneurs the tools they need to progress and move forward in their careers!

If you are interested in booking onto the next series of workshops please see here or book immediately below. Places are free but limited.

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Enterprise Support Package – Week Beginning: 5th April

Workshop 15th April10am – 4pmGenerating & Expanding your Business Vision: career coach.Book HERE.
Workshop 210th April10am – 4pmCost & Pricing Strategies
Funding A Start Up Business
Market Research – Library Tour
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Workshop 312th April10am – 4pmKeeping afloat – Financially Sound?
Building Networks
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Workshop 419th April10am – 4pmMarketing & Promotional Strategies
The Importance of Branding
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One-to-One appointments will be available with the Ladders Enterprise Advisor throughout the Enterprise Support Package.