Hello, I’m Katherine Wildman, and I’m TICE’s Creative and Copywriting mentor. I’ve worked with TICE since 2014.

In my day job, I’m the founder of Haydn Grey. It’s a copywriting agency, based on the coast, so you’ll often see photographs of me and my laptop at Riley’s Fish Shack or Dil & the Bear on my Instagram feed.

TICE – Mentoring

I enjoy working with TICE because bridging the gap between school and work is such a lot of fun – and I learn so much from the students each year. I wish I’d had something like TICE when I was at school to show me what the creative industries look and feel like from the inside.

TICE brings students into contact with a range of industries and jobs that they may not even know exist. I didn’t know copywriting was a career until I’d been doing it, albeit for friends and unpaid, for a couple of years. Now I earn my living from doing it. Proof that you can make a career out of doing something you love, really, you can.


I’ve worked as a freelance journalist for magazines including Coast, B magazine and Woman’s Journal and have written travel features, restaurant reviews, shopping guides, and real-life interviews with industry specialists. I’ll be looking at this style of writing with students in our sessions.

Fashion Communication 

I’ve also been an Associate Lecturer in BA (Hons) Fashion Communication at Northumbria University, working with the lecturing team there to support first, second and third-year students with editorial communications, PR, marketing, trend forecasting, journalism and social media.Copywriting

Most of the time I write words that sell. Words that you’ll see on websites and blogs and brochures for companies all over the world, from the NHS to John Lewis, Specsavers to HTC.

Copywriting is about understanding a) what a business wants to sell and b) why someone might want to buy it and then choosing the words that will do the selling for you on the page or screen. It’s usually about showing how a product or service can help you save time, effort, stress or money. But sometimes it’s simply about sharing how wonderful you feel when you wear a pair of beautiful new shoes. The words that you see on your favourite brand’s social media feeds? That’s copywriting.

I also do a lot of work around the development of a brand’s verbal identity and tone of voice – that’s when I look at how a company wants its customers to feel when it reads the words on its website. Innocent Drinks and Palace Skateboards do this really well.

Copywriting training courses

Another part of my job is copywriting training courses, where I teach business people to write (yes, really, grown-ups in suits need this skill too) so that their emails convert readers into customers and their websites get people to click, ‘buy now.’ I’ve done this for companies in London and across the country. It’s hard work, but a lot of fun, and we’ll be doing some copywriting exercises in our sessions.

Creative Writing 

I have a BA in English Literature (2:1)  from Newcastle University and an MA (Dist.) in Creative Writing from the University of Northumbria. With TICE we’ll be looking at how creative writing skills can take your writing from being ‘okay’ – to being ‘unputdownable’. You’ll need to enjoy thinking, writing and sharing your ideas. And doing weird and wonderful things like smelling sweet wrappers and scratching wax crayons. Yes, really!






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