The dictionary definition of inequality is ‘difference in size, degree, circumstances, etc.; lack of equality.’ This definition talks about how things can be different whether it is in size or opportunity. 

I see inequality as something that prevents people doing things they want to do, due to who they are. Inequality is a huge problem in today’s society and an issue so vast that many people try to pretend it doesn’t exist, whether it is in the workplace, with women getting paid less than men, or on the street, where people cower at the sight of the homeless in case they try and rob them. 

We all do it. It is human nature to judge someone before you even meet them and begin to know them. We all do it, but does that make it right? 

Our society struggles with acceptance. We use the knowledge that has been fed into our minds since we were younger, when your parent would hold your hand harder when you walked past someone on the street. Or when your dad said to you, ‘Are you really going to let a girl beat you at football?’ 

All these comments have forced this generation to believe that we should be segregated due to who we are. It is not right. And it wasn’t even our parents’ fault because it has been fed to them too. Each generation has been fed lies and stories about who and who not to trust, so we all take a snap judgement when we see someone like that. And it needs to stop.

We need to start telling the next generation that everyone is equal. Everyone deserves the same rights as you and me, to stop making snap judgements about each other. And I am not saying that this can happen overnight and I am definitely not saying that it is easy to stop inequality but if we start now, imagine the world we could bring our children up in.

If we start treating everyone with respect and dignity, no matter who they are, then you wouldn’t have to worry about how our life is going to turn out because of your gender, race, finances, and preference of love or anything that deems you different. If we join the fight for equality then our world would be a much better place with no inequality and just kindness towards all.

By Libby Forrest, George Stephenson High School

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