Joseph O’Donnell (2010-2012)


Joseph OdonnellI’m Joseph O’Donnell, I’m 18 and I recently achieved my A levels at Burnside Business & Enterprise College. I am currently a Fashion Communication student at Northumbria University.

What encouraged you to take part in TICE? What creative area did you choose and why?

Without sounding too boring, it just sounded fun! I chose to do music on all of the years I was involved because I loved making music with my classmates and after the first year discovered I loved making music with other like-minded individuals!

Can you describe 3 things that stood out for you in terms of opportunities, mentors etc. during your TICE experience back in 2011-12?

1) Sam (our music mentor) knew his stuff. And I’m not just meaning how to keep a class entertained, he knew how to keep each individual student on their toes at all times; he knew how to teach every person by understanding their musical and social ability from ‘hello’.

2) I was encouraged to pursue a creative industry as a career. It was from my first year of TICE that I knew I wanted to work hard for what I loved, instead of just accepting to become a part of the ‘rat race’!

3) Never before had I been so excited to WORK! School could be so tedious at times so it was great to be able to do what you loved, while staying in an educational surrounding.

How do you feel TICE has impacted you on a personal level, particularly involving confidence levels and other qualities that are important to have when working in creative industry?

TICE was the first time I performed live, TICE was the first opportunity I had at forming bands, TICE was the first time I felt confident to actually write my own music and TICE was the first experience I felt at home!

How do you feel TICE has influenced your career choice?

*cough* *cough* I’m doing Fashion Communication at university *cough* *cough*

Joseph supporting young TICE students on our Gold Stage 2016 with Fashion Communication.
Joseph supporting young TICE students on our Gold Stage 2016 with Fashion Communication.


Did TICE open up other opportunities for you after completing the programme? i.e Work experience, more contacts, working with other students who took part, mentioning it in interviews etc

The ability to ask Sam for help with my own music was a HUGE benefit! I also loved attending all the final shows I was inited to as I was able to talk to likeminded students and teachers and view some of the amazing work on display.

 What piece of advice would you give to a student who may be considering taking part in TICE?

‘JUST DO IT’. Oh wait that’s already a company motto… ‘DO IT’ (that’ll do) – even if you decide it’s not for you after the bronze stage what have you lost?!

Add any additional comments and summarise*

TICE IS AMAZING! You can change your mind as much as your heart will allow about which creative industry you’d like to be in but believe me you will get all the support you could dream of from TICE; Jenny & Co.