As founder of This is Creative Enterprise (TICE), my organisation is intended to fulfil the ambition of creating an entrepreneurial venture, designing projects and programmes whereby young people and schools can explore opportunities in commercial creative, design and digital industries.

Since 2006, myself and my increasing team have focused our efforts on enabling young creatives the chance for self-reflection, to think about the world and their place in it, but also allowing the time and the opportunity to do so.

It is this time spent on research in career identity, the intrinsic motivations for a career, and the notion of a career as a “path with heart”, which supports TICE in understanding further what has already been identified in terms of exploration and decision making in young people.

With TICE, I have strived towards creating a flexible and exciting environment of nurturing creative career development. I consider myself very lucky to have watched and continue to watch talented young creatives gain confidence and grasp a hold of their own personal responsibility in relation to career aspirations. They have gone on to do some incredible things.

I believe wholeheartedly in proactiveness, admire an entrepreneurial spirit and love watching people succeed. Genuinely, it makes me smile.

Welcome to TICE.

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