It was about moving and shaking or a passion for the past, which 2020 was yours?

This year's Create Stage projects were delivered a little differently, yet still the industry projects given to teenagers to explore. For Graphics this year... a taste of activism and nostalgia. Or should we say they gave us activism and we gave them nostalgia... take a look at what our small group of Gen Z accomplished.

2020 has given us all some surprises, a world turned upside down forcing us to work in different ways and to adapt to many new rules and restrictions. Here at TICE, everything changed. What was mainly a face-to-face organisation working with young people giving them a hands-on insight into creative, design and digital sectors suddenly had to change – TICE went online. In all honesty, we did not know if many young people who were participating currently in TICE programme would want to carry on or whether we should carry on in such difficult times. But we did and guess what… so did many students and this is what happened.

In previous years, our Create Stage gives students (from Year 9 or Year 10) a selection of industry projects to choose from. Something different, unique and special to add to their portfolios. This year was no different, yet instead of physical hands-on support, our TICE students took it upon themselves to do their projects online. Step-by-step video guides took them through industry-focused themes, topic and skills. Not only did they manage them, but their results have also blown us away. Here presents what the TICE Graphics students achieved:

Graphics projects 2020

This year’s Graphics students come from Jesmond Park Academy based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The students could choose from two projects:

  • Project One – Movers & Shakers: A Design Activism Brief.
  • Project Two – Passion for the Past: Nostalgic Marketing Brief

Project One – Movers & Shakers: Design Activism Brief.

Supported by: Sail
Mentored by: Mark Pattinson & Megan Savage
Contributors: Danni Gilbert – Sail Creative, Katherine Wildman – Copywriter & Helen Turner – Illustrator

The chapters of the Movers & Shakers project.

Project Outline: A movement is a group of people who share the same beliefs, ideas, or aims coming together to achieve a common goal. This is typically to carry out, resist or create social change. Lasting change happens when people join together and form a movement and young people are at the forefront of this change. Young people’s voices, opinions and perspectives are crucial and so this brief is an opportunity for you to create some noise about something that is important to you and reflect the change you want to see in our world.

Young people are in a powerful position, they are passionate and motivated, socially aware, digitally connected, creatively minded and radical thinkers. This superpower can be used for good to reach out and create a movement using the power of design. Graphic designers, as design activists, are in a powerful position to visually create and support these types of movements by creating strong messages using your talents as a designer to create a positive impact in the world. A hero message, a vibrant colour, a powerful font style all adds up to aid these messages to grab people’s attention and get messages noticed.

The Brief: Working with creative agency Sail you are required to choose something topical or a subject that is personal to your own beliefs, ideas and aims, for example, BLM / Disability / Gender / Climate Change / BAME / LGBTQI+ / elevate a local charity and support their cause or anything else you feel needs awareness and action. You will brand your movement and ultimately create a brand ‘DIY Movement Toolkit’ for an insightful and engaging social change campaign.

Project results: please view the final results of the students’ work Alika Clewlow, Holly Bloomfield and Lucy Alexander all from Jesmond Park Academy.

Project Two – Passion for the Past: Nostalgic Marketing Brief

Supported by: Courage Creative
Mentored by: Mark Pattinson & Megan Savage
Contributors: Tim Murphy – Courage & Katherine Wildman – Copywriter

The chapters of the Passion for the Past project

Project Outline: Who doesn’t love that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you see something that reminds you of good moments in the past? Perhaps that special something was an object or moment that you really cherished, or maybe it represented happier and simpler times. Nostalgia marketing is used by brands wanting to build the extra element of trust – taking customers back to a time that they felt was ‘theirs.’ For example, vinyl records made a comeback, Pokémon Go and of course brands like Nike and Pepsi are already using retired designs and logos from the past, announcing them as “throwback” options or “retro” products sending nostalgia marketing trend through the roof. The fact is people buy into this… and nostalgic marketing works generation after generation. But what could be next?

The Brief: Working with creative agency Courage Creative you will be gaining further knowledge on nostalgic marketing. You will be exploring nostalgic objects and interviewing peers, family, or friends about items they wish they were still around. Discovering more about generational marketing and looking into future consumer needs.

Project results: please view the final results of the students’ work Alex Howe, Hannah Menger and Otis Mills all from Jesmond Park Academy.

Thank you & Well done!

All we have left to say is “Thank you & Well done”, not only to the students, but to the teachers at Jesmond Park Academy, to the parents who helped along the way, the companies that have supported these briefs, the TICE mentors (Mark & Megan) that plugged away at the project week after week.

And to the students, our final words of 2020 – we hope you have enjoyed these projects, we hope in years to come that when asked “What did you do when COVID-19 hit your shores?”, you can proudly present an industry written project you did, achieved, quite frankly smashed. Well done and congratulations from everyone here at TICE. It’s been an absolute pleasure!

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