Introducing the Eco-Warriors at Fordley Primary!


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“Hands on learning about the environment and biodiversity is the best way to truly develop children’s understanding of how important it is. Thanks to TICE, all the children in Y3 and Y4 had a fantastic day!”

Claire Withers, Headteacher, Fordley Primary School

Bio-diversity was the topic of our workshop in the summer, which was hosted by Eco friendly, Fordley Primary School!

TICE’s facilitator Lottie talked to year 3 and 4 about this fascinating area, breaking down the term and using lots of visual, interactive examples. Everyone took part to the discussion and made an excellent contribution!

Lots of creative DIY gardening solutions were introduced, we looked at fun craft based garden projects, bug hotels, worm carpets and hedgehog houses, all made out of up-cycled, free and accessible resources.

By the end of the presentation, the eco-warriors in year 3 and 4 knew what they could do to help conserve biodiversity and, most importantly, why it is so important.

A selection of slides from the biodiversity presentation

After presentation the real fun began, the children were divided into five groups

• The Hedgehogs
• The Robins
• The Sunflowers
• The Ladybirds
• The Tadpoles

Each group completed five different tasks in rotation. All tasks focused on conserving biodiversity in a creative, engaging way and underpinned and linked back to the morning’s presentation and discussion.

The outdoor task: was our Mini Beast hunt! The objective of this exercise was to locate different life forms, plants, insects, animals and signs of animal/insect activity. The children carefully recorded their findings and discussed as a group what they would like to add to the garden to attract even more wildlife. This task was modified depending on the weather (!) some sessions were cut short by this summer’s rain (!) however the effected groups, undeterred created typography pieces instead.


Biodiversity typography collage, the letters were jumbled up and the children correctly guessed what word they spelt!
Biodiversity typography collage, the letters were jumbled up and the children correctly guessed what word they spelt!

The indoor tasks:

– Cheerio Bird feeders

Some slides from the bird feeder presentation.
Some slides from the bird feeder presentation.

– ‘Hair Raising’ cress experiment

– Ladybird pebblesBiodiversity5
– Bug Hotel



Once these tasks were completed, each group created a proposal; they suggested things they would like to improve in the school garden and new things they would like to add. There were no shortages of suggestions and the eco-warriors were over-brimming with creative ideas!

A selection of worksheets.
A selection of worksheets.

The proposals were submitted, everyone started to pack up and TICE’s Lottie and Karra slipped out to judge the winning group. This really wasn’t easy, every group had taken so much on board during the day, and it was clear they had absorbed a lot of information!

Eventually they came to a decision… and the winners were…

The Tadpoles!

The Tadpoles received a £25 voucher that would contribute towards their proposed ideas.

Lastly, it was important that everyone went home with a memento of the day. Each member of year 3 and 4 received a little envelope, inside the envelope were two sunflower seeds, sowing instructions and a little bit of information on how growing sunflowers contributes to the conservation of biodiversity.


What a fantastic day! Thanks to Fordley Primary for having us, we hope you enjoy spending your voucher!