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TICE Computer Science has been an exciting new introduction with our newly recruited students and schools, here’s what a few of the students had to say after they’d tried out Oculus Rift.

Whitley high2

Nathan Lunn ” I have really enjoyed my day and it was brilliant fun. We got to invent our own game and learnt about different steps you need to take to get everything right at the end. We got to try out Oculus Rift which was absolutely incredible and I enjoyed this day completely. If we get to do all of this stuff when in a job then it must be pretty cool!”

Oliver Hemsley ” With the experience of TICE, I have explored a whole new face to computer science. With the evolution of new found technologies, I have learnt about the importance of advertising and creating new apps and games that can benefit a chosen demographic. We have also (as a group) explored the new found Oculus Rift that can enhance game play and allow the user to explore Virtual Reality. This experience has made me consider Computer Science as a new job, thank you for the visit!”

Alexander Harvey “Today with TICE, I have first been given some background information about VR and AR, Oculus, coding careers involving coding and the Oculus Rift. Also I and my group have designed a game and laid out our advertising plans. In addition, I went on the Oculus Rift!”

And from the teacher;

TICE has given the students the opportunity to explore interests, ideas and career paths that they may not have considered without the activities and discussions they have had today. It’s fantastic to see them so excited and inspired, and the mentors have been engaging, informative and really friendly. They cannot wait to develop their ideas throughout the Silver and Gold Stages and I’m excited to see the results of this brilliant programme.

Zoe Medhurst, CDT/Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator, Whitley Bay High School.