Introducing Hebburn Comp to #TICE Graphics


Hebburn Comprehensive’s very first taste of TICE began with our Graphics bronze workshop on the 19th November. The day began with our group of budding designers gathering to view a presentation detailing what careers are available within graphic design. After learning about the range of jobs available and the path that our own graphic designer Mark had taken to get to senior designer for Tomee Tippee, the students were given a small design task to get their creative juices flowing.


They were asked to use a simple triangle shape and create as many everyday objects using the circle in different creative ways. Now that the creative juices were flowing and some great ideas were coming up it was time to begin the main task. To design christmas Converse. As all creative challenges start with research the student moved to the computers to research what makes converse a popular brand and to gather as many ideas as they could for their christmas theme. All of the research was then pulled together into a mind map and the fun stuff began.


Designs started to take shape including many typical christmas designs such as santa claus, snowflakes and penguins we even had movies such as the snowman and star wars have their characters appear!! A group also decided that they would lengthen the shoe to make a knee high boot that resembled a stocking!!


Just before we gave our designers their lunch break they had to present their ideas to our mentors and their teachers. Feedback was given and ideas were finalised ready to begin the final design and accompanying advertising poster. By the end of the day we had some incredible designs and amazing posters!! Everybody had a great day and the fantastic posters showed it.


To finish off the day all that was left was the final group shot!! Well done Hebburn and welcome to TICE!!