Colour Me Happy!

For this year’s pilot of TICE Illustration, students of Jarrow School have shown nothing but passion and enthusiasm for every venue they visited, every person they met and all the challenges they have encountered along the way. To bring their journey to a close, their creative eyes were put to the test for Create Stage, particularly focusing on the colouring book phenomenon that has taken over the world over the past four years. For this year’s project, they had the opportunity to bring joy to others through their artwork.

Illustration project 2019:

Colour me happy (Full project brief)

Project one: Colour me happy!
Trend: Multisensory experience
Sponsored by: Judy Daunt, Gillian Gamble, Newcastle College and Gateshead College.
Mentored by: Helen Turner

Project outline: Colour has always played a huge role in the design world, but it is now big news in the world of alternative therapy too. Chromotherapists believe that colour can improve both our physical health and emotional wellbeing. Colour palettes from intense reds and oranges to serene blues and calming pastel shades can have a huge impact on our mood and emotions. Big companies have capitalised on the use of colour within their branding to ensure that they maximise the success of their business but how can we put colour therapy to the test in terms of illustration?

Well, colouring books are no longer just an activity for children. In recent years there has been a huge trend for adult colouring books. Publishers have recognised a need for people to take time out of their hectic lives and embrace a world of no set rules or complications – they can scribble, doodle and shade to their hearts’ content.

Soaring numbers of British adults have turned to colouring books in an effort to combat stress after it was proven that colouring-in can help alleviate tension.” – The Telegraph

Project outcome: For this brief, you will plan and illustrate a double-page spread for a colouring book which can be used by life coach and inspirational speaker Jude Daunt in her coaching sessions. You will be given a theme for your illustrations and will create a full-colour image on the left-hand page and a black and white line drawing on the left. The two images should be similar but not the same so that you are providing colourful inspiration for the reader but also giving them scope to take their own colourful journey on the right-hand page.

Students were thrilled to be back at Newcastle College for Day 1 of Create Stage, after their past experience on Explore Stage. This time, they were in the Graphics and Illustration studio for a day of debriefing and research. They were introduced to project sponsor and Life Coach, Jude Daunt, who gave them an inspiring and motivational pep talk.

They were then faced with the challenge of choosing a word that linked to the overall theme of happiness and had to illustrate the space around it however they wished. They also created some exciting mood boards using the popular Instagram style of flat lay – the students used magazine cut-outs, paint swatches and found objects to respond to a sub-theme that interested them. The mood board would then be used to help them brainstorm their ideas for their final illustrations.

For the final two days, they were at Gateshead College and met the wonderful Katy Anne Stamp – a member of staff at the college and a very talented freelance illustrator. She warmly welcomed us to the digital suite, fully equipped with state of the art Wacom Cintiqs. This was their device to use for the final two days of designing.

Renowned professional illustrator, Gillian Gamble, popped in on Day 2 and spoke to the students about her path into illustration, how she finds it as a career and her approach to using colour within her illustrations. She had some excellent tips and gave a really valuable insight into the industry even treating the students to some sneak peeks of work in progress.

TICE enterprise mentor Lee Casey, also made an appearance…the students thought they knew all about Instagram until they met Lee! She gave them some amazing insights into how to get more ‘likes’ and followers and generally raise the profiles of their posts through the power of the hashtag. We even looked at ways of boosting our own #colourmehappy campaign.

The students arrived back at Gateshead College eager to finalise their illustrations and get started on colouring up one side so that they could show their vision for how it could be coloured in. They were very lucky to have Floss & Co illustrator, Lottie Maddison, back to critique their work and offer a helping hand.

The afternoon went by in a flash with the students finishing their fantastic illustrations and this super hard-working bunch even managed to sketch up icons to be used in the final show branding. They had a sneak peek at the final colour me happy mural too and were delighted to see how professional their work looked.

“Overall this group has made my first year as a TICE mentor really special. They have been so enthusiastic and have treated every task given as an opportunity to learn new skills and embrace the crazy world of illustration. I have loved spending time with them. On the very first day of Insight, the group was made up of lots of different friendship groups but by the final day of Create, it really did feel like one big happy group of friends. There was such a good vibe with this lot! The teaching staff from Jarrow School – Mrs Mason, Mr Bell and Allison really helped with this. They took part in every task too and their enthusiasm was infectious.”

– Helen Turner, TICE Illustration mentor.

Project results: please view the final results of the students’ work – Colour me happy Final Project.

Credit: Katie Brindley, Layla Burgham-Hall, Codie-Lee Butterfield, Ellie Carney, Hannah Carney, Caitlin Jayne Fallon, Eva Gosling, Mya Robertson, Demi-Leigh Tinnion and Elizabeth Watt from Jarrow School.

TICE Illustration gallery 2019:

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