Healthy Hearts at Bailey Green Primary School

The first of the Healthy Hearts workshops, funded by Heart Research UK and Subway® Healthy Heart Grant,  was held at Bailey Green Primary School… and oh what fun we had!


TICE Mentors Lottie and Katherine had some super fun activities for Year 6 to get involved with. The day started with a fun interactive presentation lead by Lottie, with some fascinating facts and examples, about the heart, and getting everyone involved, I certainly felt stimulated. One fact that certainly took everyone by surprise was, ‘if you could stretch out all a human’s blood vessels, they would stretch around the world twice’. Even Year 6 teacher Mrs Morgan liked that one, “Wow, I didn’t know that!! That’s definitely my fact of the day!”

hhbg2The first hands-on exercise involved everyone identifying the areas on the body that could feel a pulse. We stuck to the pulse on our wrists, this scientific exercise involved placing a bit of blue tac on the pulse spot and then carefully putting a cocktail stick in it. This then triggered, in some, the cocktail stick to move in motion with the pulse of the individual, with one child shouting out, “LOOK, I’M NOT DEAD!” – This was both amazing, and quite weird, to watch at the same time.

hhbg3The next activity was to make an alternative healthy recipe rather than one that would be full of sugar. At Bailey Green, we made Fruit Rockets! Yum!  To make the Fruit Rockets the class had to follow a step by step recipe and example picture. The fruit they had for their rockets included grapes, blueberries and strawberries. Once they were made, and before they could eat them, Katherine got the pupils ‘creative writing’ flow in motion. Asking them to think of imaginative words to describe the fruit rockets, using each of the senses. For example –

How do they smell? – “tropical, holiday, paradise”
How do they look? – “colourful, mouth-watering, jewelled”
How do they feel? – “sticky, cold, hard”
How do they sound? “squidgy, squishy, squelch”
Finally, how do they taste? “berry nice, sour, strawtacular”


During this activity, the pupils already had quite a lot of knowledge about the effect of consuming too much sugar and what it could do to the body and heart. hhbg9Then finally, onto the main activity, the groups contribution to the Healthy Hearts calendar. As part of the funding to deliver and promote knowledge of healthy hearts. Each school’s contribution will go towards a calendar that will be made and sold to raise money and awareness for Heart Research UK.


To do so, we split into two groups, one group with Lottie to do a bit of illustration and the other group with Katherine for some more creative writing, then swapping, so everyone got a go of both.

What made the illustration activity quite unique was that all the resources they had to use were natural, for example, Lottie made the paints herself using ingredients such as beetroot, blackberry and turmeric. One child stated, “Someone should invent a pen with only natural ingredients.” Entrepreneurial thinking too!


The paper was of natural colours such as browns, creams, greens. There were even some bay leaves to use too. The task given to the pupils was to create pictures, using these natural resources, of healthy examples of fruit. Some tracing around pictures of strawberries and blueberries, some free hand drawing pictures of hearts and some even recreating pictures of the Fruit Rockets they made earlier. There were some great imaginative pictures created!


The Creative Writing group kicked off with a bit of a discussion about what they thought made Bailey Green healthy. Some examples that the children came up with included –
“There are lots of places to run!”
“We have a nutritious tuck shop, with apple crisps and juice apple drinks etc.”
“Bailey Green is a healthy place because, there are many clubs including: football, athletics, hockey, tennis, skiing, netball, just dance, archery and cricket.”


The group also had to think about, ‘My heart is important because…’, some children answering with,  “It keeps me going” and “It pumps blood around my body which helps to keep me alive.”

It was great to hear all the healthy aspects of the school and to see how crafty and creative Bailey Green are. I certainly had a great morning with them and think Lottie and Katherine are going to have a massive task fitting in all the imaginative and colourful work that Year 6 have created for the Healthy Hearts calendar. Looking forward to the next one! Next stop Monkseaton Middle School!

By Ashleigh Lowes (TICE Blogger)