Healthy Hearts Project (Primary Schools)


Subway logoProject funded thanks to a HRUK and SUBWAY® Healthy Heart Grant 


This is Creative Enterprise (TICE) has recently secured funding from Heart Research UK to run a Healthy Heart project in 6 North Tyneside Schools. We are now looking for 4 more schools who would like to be involved. The deadline for the application is Friday 30th September. Please note this is first come first served.

PLEASE NOTE: This project is free to each school however please view the terms and conditions (below) of being in involved.


Drawing on our experience of working within schools in the North Tyneside area, we will create a series of workshops that will bring an awareness of heart health through both of our skill sets – creative writing and illustration. For the project outcome, we have selected a calendar format to promote learning beyond the classroom. The intention of which is to touch the wider community – Parents, Grandparents, relatives and guardians.

The project has been devised in line with the aims of Heart Research UK. Our target audience, children aged 8-11 are starting to develop their own tastes for food and drink. This age group will be becoming a little more independent in their lifestyle choices.

We aim to instil healthy eating, drinking and lifestyle habits into their lives before they start at High School.

WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: One-day workshop in each school.

Activities will encourage overall awareness of health, wellbeing and the advantages of a balanced diet. Tasks will also underpin upper KS2 curriculum by addressing circulation, respiration and learners will consider how their bodies will change, as they grow older.

Sessions will start with a fun and interactive presentation. The presentation will encourage learners to draw on familiar, day-to-day experiences, emphasis will be placed on group discussion and learners will be encouraged to contribute their own thoughts and opinions.

The presentation will break out into a practical ‘scientific experiment’ learners will pass a serious of viscous materials through straws. This activity will increase overall awareness of circulation and blood flow.

A classroom friendly recipe will then be completed in small groups. Each school will complete a different recipe and the basis of each dish will be a ‘healthy alternative’.

Direct comparisons will be drawn between the healthy option verses its unhealthy counterpart(s). i.e. One school session will concentrate on making a caffeine/sugar free drink and it will be nutritionally compared to syrupy, caffeinated options.

Each school will complete a calendar 2 x months/entries.

After recipe completion, the cohort will split and one half will complete recipe illustrations with Lottie and the other will write recipe introductions, step-by-steps and healthy heart tips with Katherine.

Heart icons will run throughout illustration work and collage techniques will embed healthy heart imagery and associations. Natural dyes and paper will feature.

Recipe introductions, step-by-steps and healthy heart tips will reflect a happy, healthy and youthful tone of voice in the style of CBBC or Innocent Smoothies drinks.

Calendar materials will be taken away at end of session and formatted for print, included will be recipes and recipe planning columns for parents to follow and fill in at home.


School Recruitment (6 x schools)– July 2016 – DEADLINE: 30th September
One-Day Workshops in each school – Oct-Nov 2016 – DEADLINE: 2nd December
Calendar Sales – Dec 2016-Jan 2017 – DEADLINE: 31st January.
Project Evaluation – Feb – Mar 2017 – DEADLINE: 31st March.

SCHOOL COMMITMENT (T&C’s): We are looking for schools who are happy to commit to this project from the outset from supporting the promotion through to the evaluation.  Commitments to consider:

  • School class must be from Year 5 or Year 6.
  • There must be approximately 30 children in each class.
  • Complete photo/media consent for all young people involved.
  • Publicity shot commencing and/or completing the project with all other schools.
  • Support in the sale of the calendars, i.e. at school fairs, letters to parents, Christmas events, etc.
  • Complete project evaluation as requested.
  • Supply high-resolution school logo to be used on promotional materials/calendar.

If you are interested in applying for this project please complete the form below:

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Thank you.