Health & Safety


Health & Safety

Managing Health and Safety is an important part of looking after any business, and ‘This is Creative Enterprise C.I.C’ is no exception. We have a legal obligation to control Health and Safety risks for the benefit of staff, facilitators and young people.

Tools, Equipment and Materials
When working with tools, equipment and materials, in practical activities and in different environments, including those that are unfamiliar, young people will be made aware:

  • about hazards, risks and risk control
  • to recognise hazards, assess consequent risks and take steps to control the risks to themselves and others
  • to use the information to assess the immediate and cumulative risks
  • to manage their environment to ensure the health and safety of themselves and others.
  • to explain the steps they take to control risks.

We will list what equipment, tools and materials we intend on using and make sure there are no problems with using them in schools and chosen venues.

Young people:
All young people will be responsible for;

  • Complying with This is Creative Enterprise rules and procedures and any instructions given in an emergency
  • Taking reasonable care of themselves and others
  • Co-operating with TICE Mentors and other school staff
  • Using equipment and substances in the manner in which they are instructed
  • Making full use of personal protective equipment provided for them to use when it is
  • Observe standards of dress consistent with safety and hygiene requirements
  • Not to misuse anything provided for the purpose of safety or fire requirements
  • Report to their TICE Mentor/teacher/Headteacher anything they believe to be harmful or dangerous

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
Where equipment is owned by This is Creative Enterprise. We shall have all our portable electrical equipment (including extension leads) inspected and tested in accordance with the Institution of Electrical Engineers Code of Practice for InService Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. The frequency and extent of checking, inspection and testing of portable appliances shall be undertaken before use in all circumstances and a visual formal inspection made every 12 months.

Risk Assessments
Risk assessments are carried out on a regular basis to assist all TICE staff, mentors and schools in recognising potential hazards and taking action to minimise the risk that they cause.

Risk assessments will be carried out:

  • for all programmes/projects we provide
  • and provided by all external venues

Risk assessments may be carried out by:

  • the (TICE) Managing Director
  • Any member of the school staff through their own systems such as EVOLVE
  • Any of the TICE mentors
  • Nominated Group Leader for visits offsite

Schools Responsibility

Schools are responsible for day-to-day health and safety whenever your child is in the care of school staff – this includes school trips and clubs.

May 2018.