Policy Planning and Review


This is Creative Enterprise CIC has had a duty to develop and publish equality schemes in relation to both gender and disability and a race equality policy in order to supply to educational institutions and continual promise the professionalism we promote.  Each year our evaluation includes the review of our policy, this includes:

Computer work

Policy planning and development

In the planning and development stage of policy-making, we will ensure we have consulted and taken into account stakeholder views.

All improvement plans will be designed with an element of impact assessment built in to monitor the success of each programme stage.

All objectives will be specific and measurable with clear progress evaluation methods (student, staff and organisation).

There will be a systematic review of the impact of all policies and procedures on equality and diversity to address any areas of inequality.

Our target-setting processes ensure appropriate, challenging targets are set in relation to identifiable creative areas as well as individual students / schools.