An excellent range of students from Hebburn Comprehensive School and John Spence Community High School made it to our Graphics create stage proving their passion and creativity by making it this far.

Our young graphics students were challenged from the outset and could choose their challenge by opting for one of our 2 industry briefs covering an array of skill sets and conceptual thinking to deliver a final solution.

From conceptual drawings to ‘making it real’ with newly acquired software skills, the projects provided students with an amazing experience on how to generate and deliver that big idea. 20-minute bursts of further software skills helped students move forward in visualising their creative vision.Presenting on a regular basis, students had to explain their thought process and challenged on their decisions before presenting their final creative pieces. This included print covering a consumer experience click through, promotional elements and animation.

The project briefs were chosen to challenge the students in today’s creative skill sets needed in becoming a graphic designer. Today’s designer needs to deliver across an array of skill sectors and vision, these briefs did just that and not only required vision, software skills and conceptual thinking, but focus, organisation, and communication skills were key in achieving this outcome. Skill sets covered were research, communication, organisation, initial conceptual drawings, software skills and animation storyboards.

The 2 Graphics projects 2018:

Projects were set by Adam Burn, creative director at Precept and Alex Lockey, senior designer at Fueled who both delivered an outstanding presentation during the Graphics Explore stage. All of our delivery across the 3 days was based at Northumbria University where students were given the opportunity to work with some of the industry standard software as well as take a sneak peek at the University students final show which hopefully highlighted the aspiration goals and inspired these young people. Finally, Andy Chan (one of our former Graphics students)… thank you for all your help during the Graphics Create Stage and also graduating from Northumbria University in architecture! Well done.Here are the projects… Graphics 2018, and what fantastic projects we had, and a chance for students to really experience how designers embark on creative and challenging skill sets thought-out this process.

Digital graphics, Music, Apps, online promotion Project: Mahogany genre changer app
In collaboration with: Alex Lockey, lead designer at Fueled and Northumbria University.
Led by: Mark Pattinson

Overview: We all love playing music on our phones, but what if you could listen to your music with a different genre sound, for example, how would ‘Justin Timberlake’ sound with a classical vibe, or ‘Charlie Puth’ had a rock sound to his music?

Well, you can with the new ‘Mahogany’ genre changer app. A genre is a specific style of music i.e.: Classical / rock / pop / jazz / soul / country. The app should offer the user an experience like no other, a chance for the user to get creative with his / her music and give it a sound that’s original to the user.

You are required to design a user interface (how the app page looks) for the Mahogany app ‘genre changer’. You are required to design 3 app pages: 1. The front-end page, informing the user ‘what to do next’ 2. Informing the user how to get their music into the app, 3. Informing the user how to select a specific genre i.e. rock / classical / pop etc.

Students Work: (See the results: MASTER BOARD_GRAPHIC DESIGN_1-1 and MASTER BOARD_GRAPHIC DESIGN_1-2 )

Credit: Ceydence Brennan, Owen Longworth, Daniel Hopkins, Daniel Archer, Leah Wright and James Towers from Hebburn Comprehensive School. Dylan Blacklock, Samantha Rowley, TJ Rendles, Caleb Johnson and Freddie Ornsby from John Spence Community High School.

Digital graphics, Music, Apps, online promotion Project: ‘Spectacles’ app
In collaboration with: Adam Burn, Creative Director at Precept and Northumbria University.
Led by: Mark Pattinson

Overview: Wearing glasses has now become a huge fashion trend for both men and women. Glasses can now be sold in fashion retail stores as a fashion accessory in a range of colours and designs. Retro styled glasses have also made a comeback for that specific user that really wants to stand out and be different. However, wearing glasses to look trendy is one thing, but wearing glasses because you must is another. Not everyone likes to wear glasses, one of the main customer feedback issues was ‘colour’!

They may like the frames, but don’t like the colour. ‘Spectacles’ puts the user at the heart of this, allowing the customer to choose their own personal colour using the ‘Spectacles’ app.

You are required to design a user interface (how the app page looks) for the ‘Spectacles’ app. You are required to design 3 app pages: 1. The front-end page, informing the user ‘what to do next’ 2. Informing the user how to upload their picture to the app, 3. Informing the user how to select their glasses category i.e.: prescription / fashion / classical frames / colour etc.

Students Work: (see the results: MASTER BOARD_GRAPHIC DESIGN_1-3 )
Credit: Mia Thompson, Elyse Moore and Matthew Finnigan from Hebburn Comprehensive School. Jay Sproat from John Spence Community High School.

As they say, you’re only as good as your last brief… Without the support of these 2 amazing creative agencies, the university, the schools, these graphics students would not have experienced and be challenged across so many creative areas that they would never experience within a school environment. The projects pushed students to the limits, and the students won, delivering some outstanding creative work…and in the words of one of my students…” I want to do this every day for the rest of my life” – my work here is done.