Graphics Create Stage Day One!


TICE – Graphics Silver Stage, Day 1.


After completing TICE Graphics and Fashion two years ago ourselves, we were very eager to return to TICE, but this time helping the current graphics team. On 25th February, the most creative students from Burnside Business & Enterprise College and Hebburn Comprehensive School came together at Northumbria University for the first day of the Silver Stage. The Silver Stage involved a trip out of school, compared to the bronze stage, which was held on the school premises.


The day was held at the Squires Annexe building on the Uni campus. When all students from both schools arrived, they were introduced to two lecturers of Graphic Design at Northumbria University. Each lecturer gave a very accurate representation on their design sector, including Graphic Design, Interactive Media Design and Animation. The presentations were extremely informative and we even found ourselves learning a lot of new things and most importantly, the students did too.


“I have learnt a lot about the number of courses that are available in the Graphic design area, and I have discovered that there are a number of courses that I am really interested in.” – Pippa Hedley, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.

The presentations informed the students of what each course required and what they entailed and this really opened the students eyes to the possibilities which can branch off from a career in Graphic design itself.


‘My knowledge of the different design pathways has broadened, and therefore I will definitely consider pursuing a career in graphic in the future.’– Rachel Phillips, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.

After the presentation to introduce the courses, the students then had a tour around the building. The tour began with a visit to the first and second year animation studios where the graphics team were able to see, first hand, projects in the making of current first and second year students. We then made our way to one of the letterpress workshops where the team were shown and amazed by all equipment, machinery and facilities available. They were without a doubt, highly intrigued and fascinated, with plenty of questions to ask. The visits to the studios were fantastic, and really gave the students an accurate insight into the courses, and what to expect from them.


“Not only have I had a great experience from today’s workshop, being informed on potential pathways to peruse, after high school, thanks to the advice given to me by the university lecturers; but it has also aided me by further developing my knowledge of computer software when using Photoshop. This will serve useful for enhancing my YouTube page!” – Scott Naylor, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.

Later on, after lunch, the students were introduced to their design brief, which was to create summer designs for a brand of their choice; Coca Cola, Del Monte or Innocent. The students were taught how to use the basic tools on Photoshop, such as layering, cutting images and adding text. The students took to the new software brilliantly, and managed to create some fantastic ideas. At the end of the first day, all of the students were very pleased with what they had designed, and they really enjoyed using the software, which was new to most of them.


The students had very positive feedback to give about the use of Photoshop on the first day, and they found it extremely helpful and rewarding to use.

‘I enjoyed learning about how to use Photoshop, and how to use the basic tools.’ – Martin Andrews, Burnside Business & Enterprise College.

‘I learnt how to use Photoshop, a new computer software for me, and I therefore really enjoyed using it to design a Coca Cola can!’ – Lucas Moody – Burnside Business & Enterprise College.

From all of the superb feedback given to us by the students, about the first day, it is evident that the day was a success! All of the students were very satisfied by the amount of information and support they were given throughout the day, and they can’t wait for day two of the Silver Stage!

by Marni Milligan & Amirul Alam (TICE Work Experience Team)