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In this project, students immersed themselves in the feeling of in-between.

Historical venues have struggled for a long time to blend physical and digital fashion experiences to attract young audiences. Yet the rise of Covid-19 forced cultural institutions to explore alternative digital spaces with online fashion exhibitions and a rise in virtual reality.

Now is the time to take things one step further – enter the metaverse. Recently, Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta and committed billions of dollars to build the metaverse, an immersive future state of the internet that would be a natural environment for digital assets like digital fashion or avatars. In the past few months, leading fashion and gaming companies like Balenciaga and Fortnite and Vans and Roblox have announced collaborations that span digital fashion collections and physical activations. These sorts of collaborations are not going away and more and more investment in digital fashion is on its way.

This new immersive world leaves many cultural venues around the world grappling with the implications of this digital evolution. How can they blend the digital world and the physical world and create exciting experiences for new fashion audiences?

Fashion AR workshop

Mentored By: Jennifer Barrett – Fashion Mentor

Project Contributors: Anya Zuyeva – Digital Product Development at SPRUCE INT, Los Angeles CA, Karol Severin – Senior Analyst and Product Manager, MIDiA Research

The Brief:

This project is about students mixing the past, the physical present, and the digital future of a historical venue of their choice – resulting in a beautiful avatar fashion metaverse outfit.

They created an outfit that would feature in the venue’s newly imagined metaverse. They would suggest ‘a scene’ that the venue could create as part of their metaverse offering to new audiences.

With this project, students explored the numerous fashion trends a cultural venue may have witnessed over its lifetime and then catapulted their imagination into a virtual fashion future. They imagined the scenes of the past, took inspiration from the stories of the venue and stepped into a virtual world.

Project Results:

Please view the final results of the students’ work from Longbenton High School, Sacred Heart Catholic High School and St. Mary’s Catholic School.

What did the students think of their TICE experience?

Fashion Illustration

Please tell us your chosen project and why you chose this one:

“I chose Go Back & Step Ahead because this project really stood out to me as I am very intrigued and fascinated by the history of fashion as well as modern fashion and how it is developed and keeps developing further. the futuristic elements combining with historical elements really attracted me to pick this one over the others.” Olivia, St Mary’s Catholic School.

What do you think you will take away from doing this project?

To go and try new things, things that you would have thought you would never want to do, maybe they can actually be fun.” Celine, Sacred Heart High School.

I’ve had more insight on the Metaverse and now know more about it, meaning that in the future, if it does develop, I won’t be going in completely blind. I also have better time management (although slipping up a bit) which will help me in the long run, so I’m grateful for that.” Wiktoria, St Mary’s Catholic School

What do you feel you have personally achieved in completing this project?

“A sense of passion for fashion and knowledge about the fashion industry, jobs and courses withing it and overall what it’s like.” Olivia, St Mary’s Catholic School.

What would you say to any young person thinking about doing a TICE project?

I would say go for it! Jump straight in with focus, ambition, power, enjoyment and excitement! Make sure you really love the project you are taking on and embrace any challenges you may face. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either!” Olivia, St Mary’s Catholic School.

Thank you and well done, not only to the students but to the teachers at Longbenton High School, Sacred Heart Catholic High School and St. Mary’s Catholic School. A huge thank you to North Tyneside Learning Trust and the companies that have supported and contributed to this project and the TICE team that plugged away at the project week after week.

To the students – we hope you have enjoyed this project, we hope in years to come that you can proudly present an industry written project you did, achieved, quite frankly smashed. Well done and congratulations from everyone here at TICE.