My word is; forsaken. 

    The reason I chose this word is because when I started looking into fashion for this project, I had already had an idea of using street fashion. 

    Originally, I was going to use a fashion trend from Japan that challenges one of Japan’s deepest taboos: depression and mental illness. The style, Yami Kawaii, means “sick-cute”. 

    As I gained more interest in this style, I watched many videos; in particular there was one where they interviewed an artist and influencer called Kuua, who said,” Yami Kawaii is generally pastel colours and is kind of soft and Yami Kawaii has darker elements, like black, or motifs like medical themes or grotesque themes are included as well.”

    Another artist who produces clothing in this style is artist and illustrator, Bisuko. The clothing he produces is bright and colourful with an avatar on the front. However, it takes a dark turn as he puts profanity on the front of the garment that includes suicidal words or depressing sentences. 

    According to Bisuko, it’s the mismatch between how cute it looks and the anti-social words that make it so popular. 

    One character among this fashion is Menhera-chan, a character illustrated by Bisuko. The character gets her name from Menhera, a term that refers to people who suffer from mental illness. “Having the sick element inside all the cute– I love the duality that’s the Yami Kawaii I’m projecting.”

    I became very interested in this style because many people share their thoughts and feelings through making something and wearing their individuality and I feel like I can relate to that. 

    I don’t like to wear fashion that conforms to the normal everyday high street fashion trends and am inspired by the uniqueness and expression of the current Japanese trends. 

    My current fashion sense is street and tends towards darker shades, although not quite gothic. I chose the word forsaken because people may feel abandoned by the system since it’s taboo to talk about their problems and, as an example, the Yami Kawaii style of Japanese fashion came to mind.

    By Aeryn Alexander, Longbenton High School

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