FBM Freshers || Year 7 Enterprise Experience


TICE has been working alongside Business Durham to expand the enterprise experience of young people. We believe that it is never too early to immerse yourself in the business of business. That is why throughout 2017/18 we have been piloting a new variation on FBM and involved over 2,500 young people in FBM Freshers workshops.

FBM stands for Future Business Magnates – a business enterprise competition for schools which has now existed for 13 years. Multiple teams are selected to generate and pitch a business idea which reflects aspects of the current business environment. Students are given the opportunity to work with industry professionals, as well as celebrate their achievements at the annual Awards Dinner where winners are announced.

Designed to introduce year 7 students to FBM and get them ready for the main competition, FBM Freshers is open to all secondary schools in County Durham. This half-day workshop allows a whole year group to find out about how innovative ideas can be turned into successful businesses and teaches the basic techniques students will need to successfully participate in FBM in year 8.

To put these young people to the test, students are instructed to take something simple, an every-day item, and make it extraordinary. The designated teams deliberate on their favourite idea and work towards making it a mind-blowing business venture, similarly to what would they would do if they were to take part in the FBM competition. From doodling the perfect logo to picking their perfect customer, to presenting it ‘Dragon’s Den’ style to their judge, teams go through a series of challenges that truly test their business brain. Oh, and it brings a few giggles along the way too! By the end of FBM Freshers, many students have worked closely in a team, explored their creative potential and presented something innovative to professionals. Undoubtedly, students go home feeling inspired and motivated by their entrepreneurial success. And we go home convinced that there were future entrepreneurs in the classroom! We look forward to discovering more… These workshops are delivered free of charge to schools in County Durham. If you would like to know more about FBM Freshers or to book a session contact us.