Fashion Gold Stage 2016 – Lights, cameras and certainly a lot of action!

This year’ Fashion Gold Stage once again pulled out all the stops – stylishly of course. Three incredible projects were presented to the TICE Fashion students and all showcasing very different areas of the fashion and textile industries. Students from Burnside Business & Enterprise College, Marden High School and Jarrow School had some exciting decisions to make.

Gold Stage15

The first fashion project (Digital Design) was sponsored by local trend agency Trend Bible, for students who picked this project they would be working with trends, fashion design, digitally printed fabrics and also making their garment. Trend Bible had carefully picked 4 moodboards showcasing home and interior trends for Spring/Summer 2016, if the students picked this project they would need to concentrate on one particular trend and come up with some original innovative garment designs which included digitally printing their own fabrics.  Mentored by Charlotte Liddle, the project was aimed at students with a real interest in the design and making process. If they enjoyed researching ideas, trends, designing, hand and machine sewing, embroidery and embellishment this was the project for them. (Thank you Trend Bible!)

Gold Stage2

Project two, was sponsored by Marks & Spencer (Newcastle Branch), this project (Fashion Graphics) was directed towards students with an interest in fashion trends, styling and graphic design. For those interested in putting together and accessorising outfits, fans of Instagram and those that would enjoy learning how to use Adobe Photoshop plus looking into fashion magazine layout, this project would be perfect. Mentored by Lottie Maddison, the three-day brief would introduce fashion image, fashion styling, editorial styling and creative direction. Tasks would focus on the latest collaboration between fashion model, television presenter, and contributing editor at British VogueAlexa Chung and the high-street store Marks and Spencer. The capsule collection ‘Archive by Alexa’ was being previewed at the Newcastle branch of M&S (one of the few participating stores) and the students would work directly with the visual merchandising team to style and direct their own fashion shoots taking on the role of a personal stylist for a well-known celebrity. The resulting images will be used to create a fashion magazine spread on Photoshop.

Gold Stage7

And last but certainly not least, this year we also collaborated with the multi-award winning fashion department at Northumbria University, from BA (Hons) Fashion Communication. Mentored by Katherine Wildman, alongside Christopher Hodge and Kyra Jewitt from the fashion team, TICE students were tasked with producing their own fashion film. Throughout the three days, the students would learn what makes a great fashion film and why brands use short films to promote their clothes.  To pick this project, students needed an obvious love for fashion but also an interest in particularly styling, the camera, hair & make-up and social media (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat).

Gold Stage13

For all three fashion projects we were based in Northumbria University and kindly given access to their incredible facilities, Northumbria University is internationally renowned for its high-caliber graduates, recognised for their creative and conceptual fashion talents, underpinned by a strong sense of commercial understanding and craftsmanship, quite frankly we were in the perfect place to get started.  Here’s a roundup of the 3 days:

Day One

Day one began with a brief introduction, as each fashion project was so different, the students were then split into their groups and taken to different areas of the university as every project needed its own specialist equipment and space.

Gold Stage19

For Fashion Graphics students (M&S project) they quickly got down to research, it was essential that trends, styling tips and looking at the Marks and Spencer brand and archives was thoroughly investigated. Lottie also gave each student an exclusive invitation so they knew who they were a personal shopper for…some big names here! (Invitations). The team then ventured over to M&S, completed a shop report and then returned to the University to research and plan their fashion shoot.  Today’s tasks were also supported by former TICE students Rio Pringle and Laurel Outterside who were back to help us out. Thanks ladies!

Gold Stage4

Fashion Film students had to start thinking about their film, not only supported by Katherine, but also helped along by former TICE student Joseph O’Donnell, who showed them examples of successful fashion films, from couture houses to high street brands. This team really got to know each other throughout the day, their likes, dislikes, ambitions and skills which all went into thinking about how to creatively approach a film to promote a fashion concept. Planning and preparation was also a must for the day, so choosing outfits and creating a styling/ hair/ make up moodboard ready for their second day when they would meet Northumbria’s Fashion Communication team.Gold Stage14

For day one with the digital design team, everyone gathered for a fantastic presentation by Hannah, Emily and Clare who came in from Trend Bible. They explained what Trend Bible is about and how trends are predicted which perfectly followed onto introducing each of the trends they have chosen for our fashion students to work with. There were four trends for them to choose from, including: ‘Tropical Oasis’, a very tranquil and relaxed theme based around cool colours, tropical plants and 60s shapes. ‘Energise’ which is a lot livelier and influenced by Brazilian art, the Rio Olympics and painterly marks. ‘Jet Set’ focusing on nostalgia, beach holidays and travelling with 50s references. Finally, ‘Summer Meadow’ looking at wild flowers, free spirits, florals and mini geometrics. Each of these trends gave students the freedom to explore and develop their artwork. Working from live briefs through companies such as Trend Bible gives them the chance to see what it’s like working in the industry and what is expected of them as designers in a professional workplace.

Gold Stage16

Mentored by Charlotte Liddle and supported by former TICE students, Karra Allen and Emma Atkin, plus Ellie from Study 34, the digital design students were then split up into four groups to mirror what it’s like working as a design team. Each group was then given one of the trends to research. This would be the starting point for their Gold Stage project. The information and imagery that they collected was then used to inform their artwork. Four stations were set up and the students had to move around, spending about ten minutes in total at each station to create some artwork, using the different mediums at each station. The mediums included charcoal and ink for black and white work, as well as watercolours for more flowing designs, followed by pencils, pens and brushes to create detailed artwork. The students had then chosen the pieces they thought worked best to their trends. These will be used as final artwork for their digital fabrics.

Gold Stage17

Finally, at the end of day one, all the digital design students began designing their dresses with their artwork being used as the decoration they were given who they would be designing for to give guidance and as a group they then had to choose the strongest elements of each design to come up with a final design as the end product.

Day twoGold Stage11

Digital design team: On the second day, armed with their very own digitally printed fabric, the students began the production of their dresses. They started by cutting out patterned fabrics and deciding on the placement. Then the main production process was initiated. They worked on darts, pleats, seams and other construction techniques. Each member of the group had a job either on construction, cutting or embellishment. By the end of the second day the dresses were starting to take shape. Some difficulties had to be overcome and some ideas needed amending. This highlighted to the students that not everything is plain sailing in the creative industry. Nonetheless, their continued with their resilient attitudes.

Gold Stage1

Gold Stage18

Fashion Film: Day two of fashion film started with an introduction to Northumbria’s Fashion Communication senior lecturer, Christopher Hodge. Joseph, Laurel, Rio, Katherine and Chris then split into teams, taking each team to start filming and bring to life their storyboards. Christopher and ‘Team Luxury’ filmed outside whilst Kath and Joseph showed ‘Team Vintage’ how to run a photo studio: from lighting to incorporating props.

Gold Stage9

Fashion Graphics: For Day two, our fashion graphics students really needed to get to grips with Adobe Photoshop, Lottie, supported by former TICE student Nina Burrell, took the students through a series of tasks which developed their CAD skills, an extremely useful set of skills for any fashion and digital professional. Adobe Photoshop is “the world’s best imaging and design app is at the core of almost every creative project. Working across desktop and mobile devices to create and enhance photographs, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.” Our young TICE students picked up the skills fantastically well, they were introduced to tools for improving lighting and colour, removing unwanted content, layering, masking, editing and cropping imagery using the M&S website to help bring together moodboards and start to structure their final presentation boards for the Final Show.  The next stop was day three, when our fashion graphics students were getting ready to meet the visual merchandising team at Marks & Spencer (Newcastle).

Day three

Gold Stage10

Gold Stage12

Digital Design Team: The final day went a lot faster for everyone involved as it became a mad rush to get the garments finished in time and to a high standard. Pieces were unpicked, re-pinned and sewn back together whilst sizing up the dresses to the mannequins to ensure that they looked flawless for show night. This task gave the students an insight into the creative industry and the processes of creating a garment to a live brief. Lots of new skills were introduced such as inserting zips and creating darts, pleats and designing prints for fabric. This year’s TICE digital design students did an amazing job and produced stunning work which will forever be acknowledged. Congratulations to our Fashion design students!

Gold Stage20

Fashion Film: During the final day each team concluded their filming, and Chris took ‘Team Luxury’ into the studio to film some detailed clips. After a short break we all met on the Macs to start editing the films. We were joined by graduate lecturer Kyra Jewitt who took the students through the basics of iMovie. The students grasped the editing software straight away and within a few hours we were almost finished! After a few tweaks and corrections from mentors it was premier time! So the students could see each-others creations we arranged a popcorn filled premier on the big screen. After a final play test the videos were ready for the final show and all the students left day three excited to show their work to their family and friends. A HUGE thank you goes out to Chris and Kyra for giving up your time to help us with this project!

Gold Stage3 Gold Stage5

Fashion Graphics: The final day for our fashion graphics students and the excitement had built up as today was the day they were getting ready to meet Marks & Spencer’ visual merchandising team! First, the busy team at M&S took time out of their hectic schedules to give our TICE students an insight into their jobs and how they got to become a part of the VM team. Next, the students had to show the team what they were thinking in terms of styling their chosen celebrity. Due to all the preparation in Day one and Day two, our TICE students were ready and focused, yet with additional advice and guidance from the VM team the TICE students were then off finding their outfits and taking some incredibly styled shots.  Once the shoot was complete the students returned to Northumbria University and had to complete their presentation boards slotting in their favourite styled shots. What an incredible experience! And a HUGE thank you to the Marks & Spencer’s Visual Merchandising Team of making this all happen!

Gold Stage21

The results! We so proud of what they’ve all achieved, well done everyone!;

Time to showcase the outstanding work of this year’ TICE Fashion students, well done everyone!;

Fashion Graphics:

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Fashion Trend, Design & Make Project:

Fashion project Design Make

A few more photos of the outfits in construction: [gallery_bank type=”images” format=”masonry” title=”false” desc=”false” responsive=”true” special_effect=”none” animation_effect=”fadeIn” album_title=”true” album_id=”64″]

Fashion Films:

Team Vintage-HD from This is Creative Enterprise on Vimeo.

TEAM LUX from This is Creative Enterprise on Vimeo.

And finally, here’s a few more photos for you to see the fashion experience throughout the 3 days:

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