Fashion success back at Burnside!


Fash2This Year’s Fashion bronze stage continued on the 30th November at Burnside Business & Enterprise College. To start the day Charlotte Liddle (Textiles Mentor) introduced the TICE programme and the highly talented fashion mentors, explaining about the many different areas of fashion and why we have 4 mentors for the gold stage. After that she introduced the students to the fashion industry, all the jobs available and the stages of the design process. Then we introduced the task for today.

The students were split into groups of around four. Within their groups they then had to choose a mood board from the selection provided and consider what elements of the mood board they wanted to work with. Within their groups they then have to design several ideas each before creating a joint design that they will produce on one of the mannequins using a combination of paper mache, fabric, paint and pins. The mood boards varied from different cultures to decades and floral themes. They had to really think about their designs and colour schemes rather than just choosing the obvious elements to create something completely new and interesting.

They were given a choice of four celebrities they could design for from Rita Ora to Fash1Again challenging their design abilities to make a theme that wouldn’t usually apply to that celebrity fit their style. Once they had settled on a final design between the group they we up to making. After a short demonstration from Charlotte about darts and how to make a garment fit the curves of the body they were ready to start creating. They worked straight onto the mannequins using the fabric to create a base then building on top of that to create a fashion sculpture fitting their theme and suiting their celebrity. They had to work as a group and set each other jobs to do so that they could work like a design team would inn industry. Because there are so many different areas of fashion and not everyone wants be a designer they were also set the task of writing a short blog about what they have done during the day and what their favourite parts were.

Fash3As well as being asked to sample fashion illustration and consider the costing of their garment. Once they had created their sculpture they were set the task to draw the finished garment in the style of fashion illustrations. The costing sheet made them consider all the different things that as a designer you need to be aware of and they were all very surprised by what the final cost of their sculpture would be. The groups were really creative all day and produced very exciting sculptures from their initial designs. And all of them learned a lot about the fashion industry and design processes.

Well done Burnside! See you in Silver!!