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Fashion North

This years Fashion Journalism project was sponsored by the fabulous Fashion North team based at Sunderland University. Sixteen Year 10 students were mentored by Katherine Wildman to produce a quality piece of creative writing based on their experience as fashion journalists and fashion stylists.  The students from Burnside Business & Enterprise College, St Thomas More Catholic School and Longbenton Community College were asked to write and direct a shoot for the Fashion North website, aimed at 13-30 year olds in the North East. Their choices of themes… vintage or Disney ?… see how it all went…

Fashion NorthOn the first day the fashion journalism students who are Samantha Mcilwraith, Georgia Ramm, Melissa Rosborough, Jordan Smith, Danielle Watson, Claire Mills, Olivia O’Donnell, Louise Hanley, Ella Lewtas, Rebecca Redford, Lily Bear-McGuinness, Olivia Dodgson, Jasmine Murray, Freya Ayriss, Anna Groves-Henry and Lily Rafferty were introduced to the Fashion North team and had to plan their photoshoot that they were to organise, direct, style and photograph the following day. They were introduced to Pinterest and to blogging sites such as Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress and also encouraged to create their own blogs (many already had them).

Fashion NorthBeautiful clothes were selected by the students and borrowed by House of Fraser, Paris (Metrocentre) and Scout Vintage and on their second day their shoot began. The students worked incredibly hard to recreate looks which would justify the themes they had chosen. Some had to jump in as models while others took more behind the scenes roles such as photographer, creative directors, hair and make-up stylists.

Their final day was creating a blog post which could be taken and added to the Fashion North website. The students had to reflect carefully on their whole experience as a stylist, photographer, creative director or model and produce an interesting piece of writing which would capture a fashion audience.

Here’s the two articles by Fashion North that showcase the beautiful results of the photoshoot:

Fashion North article: Go Vintage for the perfect Prom Dress
Fashion North article: Be a Prom Princess

Here a portfolio of the fantastic blog posts and moodboards produced by every student:

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For making this opportunity happen TICE would like to give special thanks to:
Fashion-North-headers Sunderland Uni



Fashion North –
University of Sunderland –

And also for their beautiful clothing:

Paris Metrocentre Scout Vintage



A few photographs of the 3 workshop days:

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