June 2018 concludes the Fashion Create Stage and what an amazing conclusion to a fabulous fashion team. 24 young people made it to the fashion create stage after individual interviews asking, ‘Why Fashion?’.  Now, remember, all our students have successfully completed the Insight and Explore Stage and this final part is about putting all that knowledge in practice – time to choose an industry project…oh, and you only have 3 days to do it…did they do it? OF COURSE, they did, with lights, cameras and plenty of fashionista action.

The Fashion Create Stage saw 3 industry projects come to fruition. Three very key and prominent areas of the fashion industry we know that IF our young fashion students decided to go further into studying or working this sector then these will definitely be some of the areas of research and innovation in the next few years. This year we concentrated on fashion experience, fashion space, ethics, sustainability, illustration and wearable technology.

The 3 Fashion projects 2018:

This year, as in previous years we have incredible supporters for each and every project. We simply could not do without them, so a huge shout out must go to Northumbria University Fashion Department also Kieran and Laura, current Fashion Communication students, The Bowes Museum, Wreckreation, Layers and Noa Vee.

Without further ado here are the fashion projects outlined with the student’s work, a huge achievement and congratulations go out to all one of them. Here’s something special they’ll be adding to their CV’s…watch out for them, they are GOOD!

Fashion Communication Project
In collaboration with
: Northumbria University and The Bowes Museum.
Led by: Jennifer Barrett

Overview: The Bowes Museum is a hidden treasure, a jewel in the heart of beautiful Teesdale. The magnificent building stands proudly in the historic market town of Barnard Castle housing internationally significant collections of fine and decorative arts, showcasing beautiful fashion collections and more. However, the Press Officer at Bowes Museum has requested some assistance.

This is where you (Generation Z) may be able to help. The museum regularly features some of the world’ most amazing fashion exhibitions but there is a shortage of young people going to visit. Could you as young fashion communicators help with this? This project is about fashion space, fashion installation but most of all communicating your installation ideas very well.

Students Work: (Enlarge PDF: Fashion BOWES Board 1 and Fashion BOWES Board 2 )

Fashion Communication Team 2018.

Credit: Georgina Gaten, Ellie Burtle, Lucy Collins, Aimee Stenton from Longbenton High School. Lucy Smith, Ellen Charters from John Spence Community High School and Devon Webster, Sophie Thorp from Burnside Business and Enterprise College.

TICE has had such an impact on me as a person. I have developed my confidence skills massively as well as becoming a lot more organised and efficient when we’re working independently or as a group.

– Aimee Stenton, Longbenton High School.

Fashion Ethics and Sustainability
In collaboration with: Northumbria University, Noa Vee and Katherine Wildman (Writing Mentor).
Led by: Lottie Maddison

Overview: We do love fashion, yet are we being responsible for the way we consume fashion products, and do we know enough about what the fashion industry is doing to our planet? How do we get the message across to all generations about the effects of terms such as ‘Throw-away fashion’ and ‘Fast-fashion’? Can you help?

At some point in their lives, most people will be guilty of making a ‘must-have’ purchase, only for it to be shortly banished to the backs of their wardrobes, price tag intact. But it turns out that this wasteful mindset is worse than we originally thought. Younger generations have adopted a ‘wear it once culture’ when it comes to their wardrobes, wearing items only a handful of times before considering them ‘old’.

The throwaway culture is creating a serious environmental and many ethical problems. Research has also shown a generational divide in attitudes towards clothing. Generation Z and younger Millennials enjoy buying new clothes, with almost one in four saying they had purchased at least half the clothes they own in the past year. They are also more likely to throw out their clothes within two years. Baby boomers are the opposite. More than two-thirds said that less than 10% of the clothes they own had been purchased in the past year.

How can we raise an awareness campaign to ask young people to think more carefully about what they buy? Could you come up with zine that would showcase an awareness campaign?

Students Work (Enlarge PDF: Fashion NOA VEE Board 1 and Fashion NOA VEE Board 2 )
Credit: Hannah Thomas, Maya Rose Lister, Caitlin Rose Tyson, Alice Gray and Katy Skinner from Longbenton High School.

Fashion Futures
In collaboration with: Northumbria University, Wreckreation, Layers and Phil Jeffes (Computer Science Mentor).
Led by: Charlotte Liddle

Overview: There’s no denying that the technology world is obsessed with fashion. Amazon, Apple and Google, three of the biggest names in tech, are all trying to carve their own path into the fashion space. Look at Google with conductive fabrics embedded in a smart jacket made by Levi’s for an example.

All of which is to say, the line between these two industries is blurring (Tech & Fashion). Now more than ever, it feels like high-tech fashion is on the verge of being more than just a gimmick. In the not-too-distant future, you could even be 3D printing your own shoes or clothes at home. Instead of going to a store, you’ll buy blueprints straight from the designer.

Can you help to come up with the wardrobe of the future? For this project, you will be working on wearable technology and making garments for 2040.

Students work: (enlarge PDF: Fashion Future Board)
Credit: Halle Leighton, Jessica Dowdney, Rhys Meenaghan and Catherine Chaplin from Longbenton High School. Kayleigh Patterson and Rebecca Hutchinson from Burnside Business and Enterprise College. Emily Beavers from John Spence Community High School.

So there we go everyone, the fashion team of 2018… didn’t they do well! We think so too.

Congratulations Fashion Team 2018!