Equal Opportunities


This is Creative Enterprise CIC welcomes diversity in its delivery – valuing differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief, class and age. We actively oppose discrimination, aim to remove all conditions that put people at a disadvantage, strive to improve access and to provide outstanding support.

This is Creative Enterprise CIC recognises and celebrates diversity in its staff, facilitators and student community. This diversity reflects visible and non-visible differences, which
include factors such as age, disability, HIV status, marital status, mental health, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, social background and trade union membership. Harnessing these differences will create a productive environment within This is Creative Enterprise CIC working environment, in which all individuals are valued, where their potential is maximised.

This is Creative Enterprise CIC will approach managing diversity by recognising the diverse needs of staff, facilitators and students (both actual and prospective) and by ensuring that barriers to diversity are removed in relation to:

  • understanding the concept of diversity in.
  • providing objective and fair policies and processes for all aspects of the student and staff experience;
  • enhancing each individual’s commitment to diversity by promoting awareness and understanding of its approach;
  • ensuring that any delivery is managed in a way which makes all individuals feel valued and harnesses their potential;
  • ensuring that the concept of diversity informs all policies, practices and procedures;
  • promoting the recognition of individual rather than group differences;
  • encouraging a culture of empowerment through an environment characterised by open communication, participation and consultation and an absence of prejudice and discrimination.

Sept 2019 (updated).