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The Return of Enterprise Day at Marden Bridge Middle School

The TICE Enterprise day is designed to give an introduction to business and enterprise, within the context of creating an innovative idea around the theme of AR apps and with the aim to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset. 

The workshops are specially designed 2 hourly sessions, with the 120 participating students from Marden Bridge Middle School split into 2 equal groups across the day.  

Following introductions to TICE Mentors Lee Casey (Enterprise) and Mark Pattinson (Graphics), the workshop started with a look at the core skills hoping to develop throughout the session and bring together: Team Working, Communication and Presentation Skills. Plus how students research ideas, use their initiative and work independently.

Students were asked, ”Who do you consider to be entrepreneurial?  A few hands rose to the air to answer with examples of famous chefs, sports stars and YouTube vloggers.  Of those that didn’t answer it was asked,  “Does anyone in your family own their own business?’  To which a lot more hands went up with examples of parents owning their own building firms, web development companies, and accountancy and retail businesses.  

Lee next explained how entrepreneurs could be within our community too, mentioning Lucy and Paul Hull, owners of For Love of The North and who have recently opened their 4th shop at The Spanish City.  Plus the inspirational Dan Ellis, founder of Whitley Bay’s very own community cinema the Jam Jar, of which has just expanded with the opening of a second screen.

Next, it was time for the first team building challenge.  A hypothetical scenario, created to give the teams of 6 the chance to design and make a ‘glass bauble’ sculpture, celebrating the Spanish City’s first birthday, which they had to name & present back to the group.  The ‘glass baubles’ being balloons and teams were only allowed to use the materials supplied including 15 balloons, 4 sheets of A4 paper and a roll of tape within the 20 minutes allocated.

With excitement filling the room, most of the teams started blowing up balloons straight away, with a couple brainstorming their sculpture ideas and planning a more strategic approach. The inevitable happened with balloons beginning to pop and teams losing some of their ‘glass baubles’.  To make sure they finished on time teams had to work together to build their ‘sculptures’.

At the 20 minutes, ‘it’s over’ shout, a mix of sculptures were presented, some a little deflated and loosing ‘air’! Others stood tall, steady and having fulfilled all of the task criteria. Lots of laughter and excitement followed as students explained their sculptures as the popping continued all around.

This team-building task gives students ideas on how they might change the dynamics of the team for the task ahead as it is useful to consider how they organise themselves and how they can work collectively to a deadline.

Graphics Mentor Mark leads the second part of the workshop. Teams were asked to identify a gap in the competitive app market, with a focus on Augmented Reality (AR). Mark gave examples of companies using AR to generate customer engagement and drive their positive experience of a brand.  Groups then worked together to brainstorm, plan, research, design and present their idea at the end in a 1-minute 30-second pitch. Teams could delegate roles out to their team members from project manager to researcher to designer and app developer.

Ideas were drafted, concepts discussed and the final idea developed to consider how the AR technology would work.  The branding element was designed with logo suggestions and marketing ideas proposed.  Students tend to draw upon their own interests or come up with ideas to perhaps improve daily life or that of a loved one. Ideas presented back-included shopping apps for incorporating AR into clothes shopping experiences, restaurant dining and day-to-day food shopping and menu creation.  As well a looking at how well known brands such as Pampers or Nike could target existing customers with an improved personalised buying process.  All very innovative ideas from some young creative entrepreneurs.

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