I chose the word ‘diverse’ because of how I think it represents the LGBTQ+ community and its people. I am inspired by this word because it shows how inclusive everybody is in the community and that everyone is unique and different. When looking into the fashion photography project, I wanted to project something that I thought was LGBTQ+ related, that not all people will agree to or accept.

In the LGBTQ+ community, fashion and clothing is often seen as genderless. This makes many people feel more comfortable in themselves, and provides an easier way for people to express their identity or a way of being seen as ‘diverse’. For example: Harry Styles is a popular artist worldwide, known for his music and fashion. He has worn a dress, and other stereotypically feminine clothing showing that items of clothing do not need or have a gender.

The article ‘Queer Fashion Challenges Rigid Stereotypes’ talks about how queer fashion is about gender nonconformity and how it doesn’t limit you to a specific rule and style. Misra quotes “My brand is gender neutral. I don’t design gender-specific pieces. It epitomises the basic principle that style is an individualistic and artistic reflection of who we are from within and by fearlessly breaking stereotypes.” This is a point of view of someone who is also a part of the LGBTQ+ community stating their opinion on which I believe is the construct of gender and clothing. 

I strongly relate to gender neutral clothing. I think that everyone’s perception of genderless clothing may be very different, varying on the person and how someone would like to be seen.

In conclusion, I would link this all to diversity/and or being ‘diverse’ because everyone is unique, and I would say it is extremely validating for those who feel they are struggling with how they want to be seen by the public, their gender identity and self-identity.

By Paige Cowie, Longbenton High School

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