The first time the importance of what the amount of plastic bottles and bags was really doing to our oceans, and to be more specific the animals who live in it, was shown to me, was while watching Blue Planet II by David Attenborough in 2017. 

    The series was heartbreaking to watch, but clearly highlighted the fact that as a society, humans need to have more respect for the other inhabitants of the earth, before it is too late to go back.

    As a whole, humans are wasteful and have shown very little respect for other species. It is now crucial that we take action and own up to the mistakes that we have made. We must speak up for the animals that can not speak for themselves and massively reduce the amount of plastic we let into our oceans.

    Since 2017, I have come across the brand 4 Ocean who sell bracelets made of plastic found in the ocean. For every bracelet purchased, they remove a pound of plastic and other rubbish from the ocean, to conserve the plants and animals who have been so severely affected by humans’ thoughtless actions. Their charity is exactly the type we need to be inspired by in order to save our oceans.

    Really, it’s upsetting to think that we are destroying something that for a lot of people, brings joy, like days out at the beach, or fishing or swimming. It just makes me sick to think of the poor creatures who have died from water pollution or by simply eating plastic, at the cost of humans’ thoughtless actions.  

    Overall, I believe that if we work together and start to think more about what the effect of what might just seem like convenience to us is actually doing to the planet, we will be able to fix our mistakes and restore the oceans to their previous glory. 

    By Emily Pattison, Bedlington Academy

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