DifferentThe location for our Graphics Students Silver Stage was 2 days welcomed by the amazing creative team at  e>erything d.fferent in their beautifully stylish offices based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. e>erything d.fferent is one of the largest advertising companies in the North East known as being an incredibly talented creative, technology and insight agency with probably one of the best ‘About us’ statements I’ve ever read:

“To be excited by the unexpected. It’s our philosophy. Our ethos. Our creative game plan. Because to be able to change the status quo, to be a real life visionary, you’ve got to have something a little bit special…an open mind.”

TICE Students were given a tour of the studio; they met and asked questions with designers, account handlers, motion artists and the TV production team. This was an amazing opportunity to give first hand experience into what working in a creative industry is like.

Different Talks

The silver stage of TICE is a fantastic opportunity for young creatives to see what industry actually ‘looks’ like.  Not only does this stage help young people to understand a job role, it also gives them the opportunity to meet and be inspired by people they would never usually get the opportunity to meet.

Question: What stood out for you these few days?
Student Answer: I met Frazer at Different the motion animator and watching him has made me what to do this.

Question: Who have you met that has inspired you most?
Student Answer: Mark Martin Creative Director you don’t usually met directors!


The Graphics Silver stage facilitated by Mark Pattinson focused on industry led projects which consisted of a brief for the recently opened Lane 7.

The Brief – Staff uniform branding / design, where students had to come up with a design / message that would be worn by all Lane7 staff. They were pushed to come up with an idea that would be either a welcoming message that was personal to consumers on a meet and greet basis, or a message that used the Lane7 brand language (bowling slang).

They also had to design a promotional poster / press ad that would promote Lane7 as the place to be and spend your night there as Lane7 offers everything under one roof, from food, drink, bowling, games, TV and more.


TICE would just like to say a HUGE thank you to e>erything d.fferent for opening their doors and supporting our programme. Thank you!!

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